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1. It's National Donut Day.

Shelly's Mini Chocolate Protein Donuts

2. Summer is coming. The temps are rising. This is my friendly reminder to drink water! I have such difficulty with this and often pay for it dearly (kidney stones are no joke.) New post-ops be very very careful and sip every chance you get. I know it's so hard those first few weeks to get it all in but aim for better everyday and NO SLACKING. I know many who ended up in the ER getting IV fluids within weeks of surgery. Here are some tips that have been helping me get better at it then I have been in the past. Also I downloaded this great FREE App called Waterlogged that keeps track of my intake.

Another find that will definitely help me this summer is Trader Joe’s Kettle Brewed Unsweetened Black Tea, a homemade-style tea, bottled immediately after brewing, so it tastes like you made it yourself, but no waiting. One gallon jugs are $3.99 each. It's unsweetened, so you can sweeten it or not. I love a couple of squirts of Sugar Free Torani Syrup in it (SF Raspberry, SF Peach or SF Vanilla believe it or not is yum.)

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Biggest Loser MD Deluded, Unethical or Clueless? I vote all of the above. Throughout the years I did A LOT in the name of losing weight that was not healthy... cabbage soup for weeks anyone, pills, gadgets, drinks, extreme workouts, even not eating for weeks. Did I lose weight? Of course. Did it stay off? Never, in fact the pounds came back and brought friends. 4 hour DAILY workouts and extremely restricted calorie intake will work for a time but it's not sustainable by anyone with a life, job, family. When I finally wised up and made lifestyle changes I could live with forever... healthy food choices I enjoy, an exercise regime that doesn't feel like torture, and most importantly IMHO started working on the head stuff (the why's of why I gained) have I seen sustainable (so far going on 6 years) weight loss results. I can only imagine the Dr. that presented the study owns stock in 24 hour fitness ;)

Overweight women experience obesity stigma even after weight loss - Grrr. A person’s weight provides no indication of an individual’s character, credentials, talents, leadership or contributions to society.

Pounding Away At America's Obesity Epidemic
The Upside of Peer Pressure: Social Networks Help Kids Exercise More
Obesity, Be Dam"m"ed!

In case you missed Dr. Timothy Katzen & my pal Sarah on TV last month you can catch it on YouTube. The Real Skinny Part 1-3. It follows Sarah's post weight loss reconstructive plastics. I had a very similar body lift done and a few other things.

4. Walking through Target the other day I spotted these and you know I had to try them. "Three delicious and authentic tasting Girl Scout Cookie flavored" Lip Balms. Now I ate A LOT of Girl Scout Cookies in my day and I may have not had them in 6 years but the memory still lingers. "Delicious, Authentic" Hmmm I'll be the judge of that.
My verdict: Thin Mint: Very close. I was impressed. I got the mint, the chocolate, even the smell was evoking memories of late night visits to the freezer to eat 1/2 a sleeve of frozen ones. Trefoils - Not bad. vanilla-ish shortbread, sort of. Now I thought I was saving the best for last... the caramel-coconut yum that are Samoas: Ewww. No. This one was scary bad. It was nothing like a Samoas. Maybe a Samoa that you dipped in old motor oil instead of milk. Blech. I'll stick with my Girl Scout Cookie inspired Protein Shakes.

5. It's June 1st! This month is a HUGE month in my world. Practically everyone in my family has a birthday this month including yours truly (June 28th), it's my blog's birthday month (6 years of post weight loss surgery blogging), and my 6 year Surgiversary (June 20th.) So you know we'll be celebrating with some AWESOME GIVEAWAYS. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Love you and your blod Shelly! You have keot me sane with your words of wisdom and recipes!!! Thank you :)
Amy A

Mel said...

I just want you to know that I am so inspired each time I read your blog. It's so great to have someone to make this experience fun and inspiring (recent lap band surgery). THANK YOU!!!

Jenna Z said...

Re:samoa lipbalm

I LOVE every single lipbalm I've ever gotten from They taste AMAZING! And the coconut mallow meringue is one of my favs! Now, I am in no way affiliated with this website, I've just placed a TON of orders. :) I highly recommend the stevia-sweetened balms for a sweet sugar-free HIT.

Crys said...

Great idea on the tea! Your blog is getting expensive for me. I've ordered the bento box, ice cream maker, mini muffin tin... anything that looks good. I'm 3 weeks post op and really really struggling with fluids which I think is a huge part of this stall. I ordered some Torani syrups on Amazon, but they don't have nearly the selection you blog about. Where do you purchase?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thanks guys :)


Crys: Here's a link for more sugar free syrup sources:

SilverBelle69 said...

Eggface you are so wonderful! I was searching for a bite recipe that was mainly spinch and eggs but it involved slicing mozzarella string cheese into 24 slices and placing one piece on each bite... I think it was called green balls but I can't be sure. Can you please send me a link to that one? My RNY is 6/5/12 but when I get to the food stage, bites is where I am planning to start - all thanks to you!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment!! Nice way to start the day :)

I have a few "stuffed" bites but the specific one isn't coming to mind. Here's the general links to them all:

Hope it helps.

Denise H. said...

Shelly you've inspired me to make a commitment to hit the Farmer's Market this summer. I decided this will be the perfect "Me" time. I'll get up early on Saturday mornings before my kids are up and go. I'm really wanting (and needing) to eat more veggies and try new recipes.