Weight Loss Surgery & Exercise PSA

Public service announcement to pre-ops and new weight loss surgery post-ops: find an exercise or activity you love to do. If you love it... you will do it. If you don't love it... it's not gonna happen and it needs to happen.

I can't tell you how many pieces of gym equipment, gadgets, DVD systems, etc. have sat collecting dust in my garage until I ended up donating them to someone else who probably used them for a month or so and then put them in their garage to collect dust. I'm sure many of you are currently using your Tony Little Gazelle as a coat rack.

My favorite form of exercise: I love to walk outside. I love the sights, sounds, smells (OK maybe not all the smells that one pile of... never mind.) I love to people watch, dog watch, baby watch, duck watch. We luckily have pretty decent weather here most of the year so almost everyday I can do what I love. Nature, sun, fresh air... it clears my head and invigorates me... but more important than that it's fun and that makes me want to do it. It's my daily treat.

My local park is the place I walk the most. I love the beach (great calf workout) but its an hour drive away, the mall (leave your purse in the car or its a $$$ walk), my neighborhood streets (be careful for crazy drivers), or nearby hiking trails.

Maybe walking is not your thing... maybe it's the gym, Zumba, spinning, swimming, kickboxing, DVDs, treadmill, dance class, dancing in your living room with your kids, shooting hoops, great sex (LOL I'll happily trade my daily walk for more of this), something, whatever it is, find it.

Now... you can do pretty much nada in the beginning post weight loss surgery and you will still lose a pretty significant amount of weight but trust me if you do not make some form of exercise a daily occurrence in your life it won't be long before the scale numbers head in the upwards direction. Do yourself a favor and find something you love.

Money holding you back? Here are a few cheap/free ideas.

Here's some scenes from yesterday's walk...

Canadian Geese (I think) hanging out in the Southern California sun. They like peanuts.


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HappyLoser said...

I am so glad that you posted this today! I am two months out and just now getting my "umph" back due to some complications. This was exactly the kick in the butt I needed! Thank you once again for some much needed inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I start my Belly dancing class next week. And this Friday I'm going Kayaking! I WILL NEVER be that fat ever again! I will find activities that I love to do and do them. BRING ON THE SUMMER!

Nkara68 said...

Love the pics- we just went through the storm from hell here in New England. I also love the recipes you give us and your humor. Keep up the great work. Your an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I struggle endlessly with this. Walking is probably my most favorite exercise (for the reasons you mentioned), and I *still* have trouble getting my ass out the door.

Sandy said...

Shelly, I've been enjoying your blog, I only found it after my surgery (RNY) which was 3/15. I've been using your shake recipes as inspiration. I love to cook like you and I've been posting my recipes on my blog which is at http://mara57.typepad.com/constantcraving

About the exercise thing: I totally agree. I am not a fan of "artificial" exercise as I call it, I'd rather walk, swim, ride a bike that moves, dance, etc. that work out with machines and equipment. So next week --still in the 240 lb range--I am starting classes in West Coast Swing. Though like you, my fave is walking. If only our current No Cal wave of rain would pass!

Thanks again for your great inspiration and knowledge.


leendadll said...

Mine are pole dancing and aerial hoops. I'm hopeful that, post surgery, I'll finally be able to invert on the pole plus add contortion classes and some kind of boxing/krav maga.