ASMBS Wrap-up

Back from the ASMBS, American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Annual Meeting. The event is for bariatric surgeons, patient coordinators, nurses, nutritionists to get together to learn about new techniques, recent studies, new products and services for the care of the bariatric patient. They attend seminars and classes and then in between they can visit the exhibit hall where vendors show off their goods: cutting edge surgical tools, computer patient tracking systems, vitamins, supplements. Monday I manned the Obesity Action Coalition booth...

Speaking of the OAC. Be sure to watch the invitation video to get an idea of what the Your Weight Matters Inaugural Convention will be like in October. I hope you can join me there. I'm excited. One of the night events will be a Halloween party!!

Tuesday I was able to walk around and visit the vendor booths and say hello and thank you to some of my favorite companies who make the bariatric products that make my post-op life better. I scored a few samples of new products I'll let you know what I think as I try them. Some products are winners and a few err not so much. Here's an impromptu video product review I did with my fellow blogger pal Melting Mama of "Protein Cheese Sauce." It was a fail, the cheese sauce that is, the video is actually kind of funny.

I'm still not sure why you would ever want or need protein cheese sauce. Even if it did taste good (it didn't) I don't see the point. Cheese is protein. Why wouldn't you just make a sauce with it? Cheese = protein + milk = more protein + a little spelt flour roux or cornstarch to thicken and viola protein cheese sauce. So yeah, some not so good products and some great ones.

Tuesday night I met up with a few local friends and had a great dinner at Cafe Sevilla, a Spanish tapas restaurant in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.

Dinner was yum! I had the most unbelievably delicious mini chicken skewers and these little stuffed Piquillo peppers: one stuffed with seafood, one stuffed with braised short rib, one with sauteed mushrooms inside. I had a few olives, some nibbles of Spanish cheese and one bacon wrapped date I am still dreaming about. I love tapas because everything is small plates, perfect for our weight loss surgery, rearranged guts crowd, everyone orders a few and we have more than enough for others to taste. Highly recommend the restaurant. Service was sweet (nice guy) but slow so go when you have nothing planned after. Foursquare had a deal for a free tapas when you check-in at the restaurant.

Wednesday I grabbed the train back toward home. While I was waiting for the train this guy tried to pick me up with this line, "Girl you are hot as hell. If someone ain't stirring your pot they should be." I had to laugh at the unintentional cooking reference. I suppose if any cheesy pick-up line ever did work on me, it would be one with cooking references in it. It didn't work.

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