Another pastaless ('cause that's how I roll) Italian food fix. This was last night's dinner with a little mixed green salad. Soooo yummy. I can't wait for lunch time for the leftovers.

Shelly's Spinach & Cheese Chicken Rollatinis

2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, sliced into 3-4 pieces each and pounded flat
1 cup cooked Spinach, drained, squeezed super dry
1 oz. Herbed Goat Cheese
1 Laughing Cow or Wee Brie Cheese Wedge
1/2 teaspoon Greek Seasoning
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
a few twists of Black Pepper
1/2 cup Storebought Bruschetta Sauce
1/2 cup Storebought Alfredo Sauce (I use jarred)
1/2 teaspoon Oregano
2 Slices Provolone Cheese
a Tablespoon or so of Olive Oil for sauteing

Pound chicken breast pieces flat between plastic wrap. Set aside. Squeeze and drain spinach till super dry. Mix spinach, goat cheese, laughing cow cheese, seasonings (except oregano) together. Heat a little olive oil in a shallow non-stick fry pan. Place a dollop of spinach cheese filling on the end of each pounded chicken breast and roll up. Place seam side down in hot pan. Saute 5 minutes on one side, flip and saute 3 minutes on other side.

Remove from pan and place rollatinis in a Pyrex casserole dish. Mix sauces and oregano together.

Pour over rollatinis. Place 2 slices of provolone on top.

Bake for 30 minutes in a 350 oven.

Rollatinis sound like a name of a circus high wire act.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls lift your eyes toward the sky and witness the death-defying high wire antics of The Great Spinach & Cheese Chicken Rollatinis."

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Janell said...

My mouth is watering...these look amazing. I am definitely going to have to give these a try!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your creations. Your "bites" are a wonderful change from the ones I have been making since my WLS.

Erica Hanks said...

Holy Crap! That looks awesome! I'm doing my 2 week pre op diet. It's low carb/high protein! These would be FAB!!

Anonymous said...

That looks sooooooooooo good!!!

Can't wait to try it!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks so Yummy! I have never had goat cheese though, could I use feta cheese instead?


Connie said...

Oh, yum! This recipe is definitely being added to my collection of Eggface Favorites!

BTW, I channeled my inner Eggface today and created a casserole of my own. I'm calling it Spring Green Casserole since it contains two of my favorite green spring vegetables - asparagus and peas! I'm going to post the recipe as soon as I write it up.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmhm hmm hmm! That's part giggle at the amazing rollatinis. :)

This looks great, and already picturing some variations with feta or even switch countries and use a little salsa verde.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hope you guys enjoy them. Feta could definitely sub for the goat cheese or any herbed spreadable cheese (rondele I think is one brand) give the goat cheese a try though it's yummy I promise!


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Yay Connie. The asparagus is so beautiful this year tiny & tender too. Yum! Email me when you post it so I don't miss it.


Dawn said...

This looks and sounds fabulous. Do you use the Carb Free Walden Farms Bruscetta and Alfredo sauces?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hope you enjoy it!

Nope on the Walden Farms.


Anonymous said...

I made this tonight and OMG....the kids and hubby almost didn't leave me any! I think of all your recipes I've tried so far, this is my fav. I used Feta instead of goat cheese, but still was great! Tomorrow I'm going to try out an ice cream recipe with the cherry protein powder I have. I'm assuming it will work the same as the flavored syrups??
Thanks again for the food porn!