Banana Split

Last night. A new Grey's Anatomy (♥ Lexie & Mark together) and this for dessert. Perfect.

Shelly's Banana Split Protein Ice Cream

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk (or Regular Milk)
2 scoops of Cookies & Cream (or Vanilla) Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Black Cherry Torani Syrup
1 Banana, mashed
1/4 cup Cherries, chopped

Mix together milk, protein, syrup, and banana. I used this gadget to mix it up. It makes it airy and lump free. If you don't have one just toss it in a blender on super high. You want it fluffy almost double in size. Pour into ice cream maker. Follow your machine's instructions for freezing. 5 minutes before done add cherries.

You can eat it right away it is soft serve-ish but I like to put it in the freezer to set for an hour.

I served it in true banana split style with a piece of Banana, Sugar Free Land o Lakes Whipped Cream, Smuckers Hot Fudge Topping and Chopped Nuts.

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This was soooo good except now I have that damn 70's cartoon theme from The Banana Splits stuck in my head... Tra-la-la lalalala tra-la-la lalalala.