Super Cool Bento Bags

My super cool bento boxes deserved super cool bags. Here's what we came up with.

Here's the yummy lunch I packed in them...

Blue Box (top left): Shelly's Malibu Fruit Salad
Green Box (top right): Shelly's Mexican Chocolate Pudding
Pink Box (bottom left): Leftover sauteed Black Beans, Corn and Onions
Orange Box (bottom right): Leftover sliced Chicken with Cheese and Salsa on top

Shelly's Malibu Fruit Salad

Green Grapes
Frozen Pineapple
Frozen Mango
1 Tablespoon Malibu Rum (or Sugar Free DaVinci Malibu Syrup)

Wash and chop fruit. Splash with Malibu Rum (or Malibu Flavored Syrup) Don't worry about defrosting the frozen fruit by the time you eat it it'll be perfect.

Shelly's Mexican Chocolate Pudding

1/2 cup Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon Torani Syrup
squirt of Land o Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream
dash of Cinnamon

Mix pudding and syrup together. Top with whipped cream and dash of cinnamon.

**To keep lunch cold I use a frozen water bottle (bonus: when it defrosts by the end of the day you have an ice cold drink) and these flexible ice blankets...

My picnic must-haves list (well besides the yummy grub of course)

Tablecloth or this groovy Blanket
Cloth Napkins (or Wet Ones)
Thermos or water bottle
Waste bag for any trash. Leave no trace: Pack it in, Pack it out.

and a super cool pal or two to share it all with.


Anonymous said...

Are the containers in the Bento box leak-proof? It looks cool, but I was wondering about liquidy things.

Anonymous said...

I love food in bento boxes! Somehow those cute little boxes make everything taste better.
I'm also excited about more fruits showing up at the market.
Thanks again for all you do.
Debra T.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Awww Thanks Debra :)


Connie, So far so good but puddings and yogurts are as sloppy as I have done. I don't think I'd dare soup. Those need a thermos style bento I think.

One big container has a lid and a little not pictured on this entry condiment/dressing container does too.


Kristin said...

Can you tell me how you make the black beans with the corn and onions? It looks yummy!!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Kristin,

It was leftovers from a salad I made.

1 Yellow Onion
1 can Black Beans, Drained & Rinsed
1 cup Frozen Corn (I used Trader Joes Roasted Corn)
1/2 teaspoon Southwest Seasoning (Cumin, Red Pepper, Garlic)

Saute onion till golden. Add black beans, corn and seasonings and cook till warmed through.

Hope you enjoy it!