Lunch at the Beach

It was a beautiful day so my Mum and I ditched our responsibilities and chores and took off to the beach. We brought a bento box lunch in the new bento bag we made.

Mum eating a bag of Emergency Stash Trail Mix (see even non-ops like it)

Our view to the left

Our view to the right

Hard to believe looking at that gorgeous bright blue cloudless sky that we are supposedly in for a storm this week. Ha. See we weren't being slackers ditching our work. We were just wisely taking advantage of a window of good weather. Yeah, that's it.

Our yummy weight loss surgery friendly bento lunch...

Blue Box and Mini Blue Box (top left): Sliced Cucumbers, Sugar Snap Peas, Roasted Garlic Hummus for dipping veggies
Orange Box (top right): Shelly's Coconut Cream Pie Pudding
Pink Box (bottom left): Green Grapes and Swiss Cheese (these are pretty nifty for dividing foods that don't really go together)
Green Box (bottom right): Turkey Roll-ups

We also brought 2 snack baggies of Shelly's Emergency Stash Trail Mix, bottled water, and some trashy magazines.

A perfect day.