I didn't realize how much I missed my daily walks. From the 2nd day after my gastric bypass surgery and for 2 years I took a daily walk. After I hit my weight loss goal, it was easy to justify "taking today off" but you know it was more than just the exercise I was getting it was the me time alone with my thoughts, breathing fresh air and jamming to good tunes. Plus look at the beauty I was missing...

I took advantage of a break in the storm and I just made it before it started to rain again...

Highlights of the day:

* Hit the Farmer's Market this morning. It just began to spit with rain when we got there so we made about 2 turns around and hit our favorite stands. This week's haul: leeks (I've got plans for these), a cauliflower, red yellow & green onions, peppers, zucchini, a delicata squash (not sure what I'm doing with it roasting it probably. It was too cute not to buy), and some apples and pears (maybe an Apple & Pear Crumb.) After the FM, we went to Starbuck's I got my usual Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte with no whipped cream and my Mum had a Pike's and proceeded to devour 2 cream-filled donuts from the donut shop next door. She's too funny. She thankfully has the metabolism of a 14 year old boy and those donuts are burned off already. I did not inherit this attribute. Pre-op if I ate things like that they just added another inch to my ass.

* If you have kids here's 2 super cute holiday websites to visit: Decorate a Gingerbread Person (gotta be PC) and Decorate a Ginger Bread House. These should take up a few minutes and give you momentary relief from "I'm Booooooored there's nothing to dooooooo."

* Experimental dinner tonight. I love the unknown. Will it be blogworthy? We shall see. If it is... look for the recipe and food porn manana. If it isn't... well... I will be posting more flippin' ducks.

Listening to: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" Barenaked Ladies & Sarah Mclachlan