Merry Christmas

This is the first year we didn't go to the beach on Christmas Day in at least 5 years. We planned on going. We even got in the car and head out but it was so stormy. We stopped at Starbuck's (Yeah it was open. Cool huh?!) and that's where we stayed. Well for an hour or so. We found the only open supermarket in our area (TY Vons) and bought another avocado so we could make some more of that super yummy Fiesta Shrimp Cocktail for lunch.

So we spent a low key day at home. Music, movies, snacks, phone calls to loved ones far away. It was nice. At about 3:30 the rain let up (temporarily) and I decided to capitalize on it and head out for a walk.

I'm glad I did. Check out the gift I was given...

I made my Mediterranean Baked Shrimp for dinner. I served it with steamed Crab Legs. I know shrimp for lunch and dinner. I'm on a kick.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Highlights of the day:

* I had to laugh at all the Christmas sweaters I saw today. These people need to come to my party. Remember if you are one of my local friends or family your mission tomorrow is to grab a 75% off ugly Christmas sweater no one wanted. You will need it.

* Upon having difficulty finding an open supermarket this morning my Mum and I conspired to "procure" an avocado from someone's tree in their yard if necessary. Here was our excuse we would have given if caught...

"No officer we did not take any avocados we always carry avocados in our pockets for luck."

"What do you mean you have never heard of that?!" (Look incredulous)

"Wellllll that explains why you aren't lucky now doesn't it?"

Thankfully we found an open supermarket and just bought one. We didn't have to turn to a life of crime.

* Right now. Christmas tree lights. Listening to music. Eating 1/2 a Sugar Free Marshmallow Santa purchased at Walgreens the other store open on Christmas Day where I gave a rousing performance of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" this morning for the other freaks out in the storm.

Listening to: "Don't Stop Believin'" Journey