Leftovers: Shrimp Pizza

I get a lot of "What do you do with your leftovers?" questions. Here's what I did with the shrimp dish leftovers from the other night's dinner.

Today's Lunch:

Top a Mission Brand Carb Balance Whole Wheat 6" Fajita Size Tortilla with a scoop of my Mediterranean Baked Shrimp (leftovers), a slice of Provolone and a sprinkle of Italian seasonings. Bake for 10 minutes at 375.

Sooooo good.

Go ahead. Take a slice...


Kelly@dietFacts.com said...

That looks yummy. Is that cucumber or zucchini that I spy on there?

Dennis said...

Move in with me and cook for me!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Kelly, It's Zucchini... the Baked Shrimp recipe these leftovers are from was posted yesterday. Hope you enjoy it.

Dennis, If you live anywhere near the beach you just might have yourself a deal LOL.