Ducks vs. Shrimp

So yesterday I was making an experimental dinner and I said if it was deemed blogworthy you would see the food porn and recipe today. If it wasn't... I'd be giving you more ducks on the lake.

Lucky for you (and me) it was incredibly yummy...

Shelly's Mediterranean Baked Shrimp

1 Yellow Onion, sliced
4 Green Onions, diced
2 small Zucchini, sliced
4 cloves Garlic, minced
1 teaspoon Oregano
1 Tablespoon Fresh Basil, chopped
1 (14.5 oz.)can chopped Tomatoes, drained
a few twists of Black Pepper
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
20-22 Medium/Large Raw Shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails removed
Olive oil/butter for sauteing
2 ounces Feta Cheese (I used Tomato Basil Feta)

Preheat oven to 450. Saute onions and zucchini till golden. Add garlic and oregano cook 1 minute more. Add tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Off heat add shrimp and basil. Stir to combine. Transfer to a Pyrex casserole dish. Crumble feta over top.

Bake until cheese is beginning to brown and shrimp are opaque 20 minutes.

I ate this on it's own. For non-ops you could certainly make a batch of angel hair to go with or serve it with some crusty bread but I promise you will not miss it. This is soooo good. Seriously, I think it's one of the best dishes I have ever made.

I will be taking the leftovers and making a Tortilla Pizza with them... Mission Brand Carb Balance Whole Wheat 6" Fajita Size Tortilla, a scoop of Mediterranean Baked Shrimp and a little more cheese. Bake for 10 minutes at 375. Shrimp Pizza Heaven.

Well I'm off to walk before it gets too cold and dark.

Highlights of the day:

* Finally finished the Christmas tree last night. We put it in the Den/Office this year because we spend the most time in that room and figured we would get to enjoy it more especially since it's up a little late this year. It's a mixed up, crazy ornament tree full of stories and memories. I love trees with meaning. Sorry but those generic matchy ribbon and ball trees just don't cut it for me.

* Sitting on the floor for about an hour last night with my kitty Rose all curled up on my lap. She's getting lovey dovey in her old age. Sometimes you just need a little unconditional fuzzy love.

* Had a blast cooking with Gail and her gang this morning. I spent most of the time making mini meatballs (500!? yeah you read that right) and assembling quesadillas. No skewers LOL. I will adapt the meatballs in the coming days with a few adjustments they would be perfect for us post WLS-ers. Yummy.

Listening to: "Bless The Broken Road" Rascal Flatts. Gail = huge Rascal Flatts fan. So all morning I was force countrified. Country music always makes me want to cook but cook bad stuff like biscuits or pecan pie. I do like this song though.