How much?

I get at least a few emails a week asking about serving sizes so I thought I'd take the opportunity to address it.

I hardly ever put serving sizes on my recipes because what I eat as an 19 month post-op versus say a 4 month post-op is completely different. Sometimes I will say makes 24 or 7-8 crab cake size servings or something like that but on casseroles, soups, fuggedabout it. With the crazy varying Doctor/Nutritionist recommendations for weight loss surgery post-op eating it would be pretty hard to come up with a one size fits all serving size on a recipe.

Go with your medical posse recommendations always.

If you have a question about a certain recipe e-mail me at socalshell at aol dot com I'd be happy to give you my storage and/or leftover use tips.

I transform most of my leftovers into other meals. Black Bean Cakes for lunch became the next morning's Bean Cake Benedict. I use leftovers on Tortilla Pizzas (great use for chicken, meatballs, steak). Some are just obvious transformations like leftover Roasted Chicken becomes Curry Chicken Salad things like that.

Sometimes I'll cook and freeze a portion and then don't have to cook the next week. It's nice to be able to run around town all day and then come home open the freezer and pull out 6 Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, toss them in the oven, add a salad and call it a day. Almost all of my recipes freeze.

If all else fails... I also have a few young guys that live next door and love my cooking. May I suggest you hook up an older person that lives nearby. Sending over a half a casserole once and awhile will be a Godsend for someone living on a fixed income. It's all about the karma, baby.

As for how much of something I eat... it depends. Everyday it's different that is the great mystery of the pouch. Some days I eat very little and others I feel like I've eaten a horse. I generally eat off a salad size plate and I am no longer a member of the clean your plate club. I've trained my eye to proper portion sizes and I rarely ever go over those. I really try not to think about it too much. The last thing I need is to replace one eating disorder for another. I listen to my body's needs. I try and eat mindfully and savor the experience of cooking and eating. I'm way more multisensory about it... I notice smells, textures, the visual, etc. Shoot maybe all those tiny bites and chewing in the beginning made me slow down and appreciate the process instead of the power eating I did as a pre-op.

Hope this clarifies for those wondering.

Buon Appetito

P.S. The cuteness above is the work of an amazing artist. Buy her stuff.


Lane said...

Hi! Love your blog! I am almost 2 weeks post RNY surgery, and this is helping me a lot! I read what you said about varying portion sizes, but I'm just hoping you can give me some guidance in this area anyway. I can't yet distinguish hunger and fullness feelings yet so am having trouble with portions. I am on pureed foods and eat about 4 oz. at a time, but I always want more. Do you know how much you think is appropriate at this stage? Also, do you have a particular brand of unflavored protein powder that is your favorite? Thanks so much! Lane in Houston

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Portion size is something you want to discuss with your Dr, medical team (they vary a bit) but I will say it takes awhile for the nerves to heal and especially in the beginning you want to measure... you will feel fuller when you start eating more dense protein packed meals... liquids, soft, pureed slide through a bit but trust me when you start eating sturdier protein sources you will feel full. Unflavored protein... no not really. I prefer flavored unflavored (which just means no chocolate or vanilla but the protein flavor is pretty pronounced then) so I avoid... Celebrate makes a Chicken Soup and Tomato Soup Protein if you are looking for savory otherwise I like the flavored ones (lots of different brands of those) Hope this helps.