Merry Christmas - Postponed

Eggface Christmas Tree 2007

Merry Christmas friends!

I believe people come into your life for a reason and I'm glad we crossed life paths this year.

I hope Santa brings you your heart's desire and that 2008 is the beginning of the best years of your life!

With many cyber hugs,
~Michelle (Eggface)

Today we go to the beach. I so need it today. Longtime readers of Eggface know the beach is my refuge, my zen zone. I need some zen after yesterday. A normal Christmas Eve at the house of Eggface consists of oodles of cooking, music and fun. We celebrate the Feast of the 7 Fishes an all seafood feast.

I had just started the feast preparations when I logged on the Internet to check the shipping status of my hideously expensive laptop that was due to arrive yesterday. It said: delivered. Ummm nope. I looked at the signature because one was required and someone named Wendy had signed. No Wendy here. No Wendy neighbors. I call. Well almost 6 hours later (45 minutes on hold at one point, at least 20 "let me transfer you," lots of we will call you back in 1 hour which never happened, visits to my neighbors) a night supervisor tells me "yeah ummm the independent courier probably took it we have problems with those guys all the time" Seriously that's what he said?!?! oh and "Call Dell that's all you can do" which of course was closed for the holiday. I had thrown our feast in the freezer when I realized this would be an all day issue. So we made a Tortilla Pizza and called it a day.

I have a migraine but we are going to the beach. I am determined to have a better day today. I'm sipping a yummy cup of coffee and watching The Yule Log. Oh my Christmas wish is that DHL shipping goes out of business well that and Peace on Earth!