Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Martha Stewart watch out... you've got nothing on my Mom and I. We made ornaments again this year.

It all started with the kitties we made last year

then of course we needed my Bird (died this year I had him 21 years)

I love gingerbread people

a few food porn ornaments

and my famous owls

9 comments: said...

wow, those are fantastic! One day I'd love to meet you, maybe at some OH event! You are very much like me, I am also originally from Flushing NY. Do you know how to knit, that is one of my passions!

Buffy (aka sunnyshady on OH)

Amruby said...

How Adorable! Did you design the patterns yourself? You are so talented and this is coming from an Art Teacher.

Happy Holidays

Maija said...

Hey! I am a WLS person and a crafter as well! I love your ornies - especially the food porn!!

Michelle said...

Hi Buffy, I would love to meet you at an OH event. That's the best part of the events putting voices and faces together. Hopefully more east coast locations will be on the schedule next year!!

I don't knit... my Mom does. She has tried to show me a few times and apparently "I'm unteachable" LOL. I just put my orders in... colors for hats and scarves ;)

~Michelle said...

I'm actually in Minnesota now, so if your ever in the Midwest.

Ammie said...

Love the cupcake! Too cute and unlike Sprinkles it won't leave you feeling icky afterwards.

Michelle said...

Thanks :) Yep I free hand the patterns on paper shopping bags.

Michelle said...

Yeah I would love to do a whole food porn tree. LOL. It would be so cute in a lobby of a restaurant.

Linda S said...

LOL Michelle - I used to make gingerbread people cookies for my brother, only mine were anatomically correct. ;) We used to have cookie wars long ago.