A Hanukkah story and yummy product alert

Yummy and exactly like the full sugar version. These would sooooo pass the kid detector.

Speaking of kid detector. I was the best. You couldn't get anything past me. I will share a very fitting story also given the fact that my Jewish friends are celebrating Hanukkah this week.

When I was little this time of year and again at Passover milk products used to get a special stamp that said "Kosher." Now they just use a letter k in a circle or something like that but years ago they used to actually ink stamp the milk carton just under the carton flap.

Somehow I got it into my head that some Rabbi (AKA long bearded man) was standing over my vat of milk and potentially dropping beard hairs or maybe even spitting when he talked. I was a seriously germophobic kid and I was just not having any of that!

I refused to drink any milk that had the kosher stamp on it. Try and find a carton of milk in the state of NY without a Kosher stamp. My Mom had to sneak the milk in the house and try and rub the mark off without me seeing. Sometimes she was successful but sometimes if you tilted the carton just right I would see the faint marking and throw a huge hissy fit and refuse to drink it. I might have missed my calling in the CSI field.

Eventually they got through to me that the Rabbi came and blessed the processing plant and wasn't dropping human body bits into my individual vat.

Happy Hanukkah to all celebrating. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.

Anyway, back to the candy. These Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers are great.

Serving Size 4 pieces
Calories 35.

A few thoughts on eating sugar free candy:

If candy was a trigger food for you then I probably would avoid.

They have calories so factor that in.

They generally are sweetened with sugar alcohols and some of those may cause distress in some people. They usally warn you on the bag that consuming more than a few may have a laxative effect... so don't get crazy ;) and suck the whole bag or you know where you will be spending the day...

Ohhh I also wouldn't swallow them whole ;)

Oh and BTW Jolly Ranchers are not Kosher. Go figure.