Very Cool Product Alert

If you haven't bought these yet you need to:

Foster Farms Turkey Meatballs 18 g. protein in 3 mini meatballs.

I get them at Costco in a big bag in the freezer section. I've seen them at the local supermarkets too Albertson's, Winco, etc. They have two flavors Homestyle (super terrific excellent) and Italian (good for dropping in a pot of minestrone)

When I don't feel like cooking this is my go-to meal. Take a bottle of Rao's Tomato Basil Sauce (expensive but the only bottled sauce this picky Sicilian will use) drop a couple of Foster Farms Homestyle Turkey Meatballs in and simmer till warmed through. Grate Parmesan liberally over top and viola. Quick, easy and packed with protein! I eat them with steamed or grilled veggies.

I have also simmered them in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (yum but careful not to eat too much BBQ sauce if you dump easy) and served them with cole slaw. I've also made a version of swedish meatballs served on steamed cabbage.

Buy them.