No Telly for Shelly

It's another flippin nasty hot day... 100 degrees right now and it's not the hottest part of the day yet. I need to go out in it too. Last week I ordered some more of those super terrific Oh Yeah Vanilla Peanut Butter Creme Protein Wafers and they are in so I need to stop at the Vitamin Shoppe. I'm also heading to Michael's for supplies for Mom and I's latest craft project. One of these days I will take some pics of our craft projects and blog about them. We just finished the coolest keepsake birthday banner and now we are moving on to super cute tote bags. We just make them for us... for fun. We both are the type that need to be occupied with projects. Keeps us out of trouble.

More news re: my cooking contest win... I should preface this by saying that I'm not as narcissistic as three posts about my win makes me seem. Well... maybe a little. So OK I get a call from the sponsors of the contest saying congratulations, we love your recipe and all that and how they want me to appear on the KUSI Morning Show making my recipe and promoting Canola Oil. At first I think neat I'm going to be on TV but then the details come... they are only giving me $25 (to make the recipe at least three times in order to show an in-progress version and a finished product) ummm $25 won't cover that and I have to get up at the butt crack of morning and drive 70 miles to the KUSI studio (and back) for a 3 minute TV segment. As she's talking I start thinking what exactly am I gaining by this... the potential of becoming the Canola Oil cheerleader spokesperson I guess? Hello?!? this former fat chick made a weight loss surgery friendly version of this dish so I could eat it LOL I'm probably not the best spokesperson and do I really want to be known in local circles as the "Deep Fry Diva?" So I told them "Hmmmmmm No" well I was a bit more diplomatic of course. End result: I won't be coming to your television anytime soon.

So this weekend should be fun!! A friend is coming in from out of town and we are going to hang out. We'll be camping out in her hotel room, swimming in the pool YEAH!! and wandering the streets of San Diego. So if you see a loud and rowdy group of ladies downtown on Friday night come say Hi! We won't bite... much.

Highlights of the day:

* God bless electricity and my Bionaire remote control fan
* A friend sent me the sweetest email
* My brother's email finally seems to be working again

Listening to: "Catch Me I'm Falling" Pretty Poison

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