Farmer's Market

I worked last night errr this morning whatever you want to call it. So I'm functioning on not much sleep. Thank God for coffee. I had a great day though. I'm branching out from my skewering duty (although I did PLENTY of that). So happy wedding couple I hope you are enjoying my handiwork. Driving home I stopped at Starbucks ordered my usual Tall SF Cinnamon Dolce Soy Latte with no whippage and killed time before the Farmer's Market opened. I love our little Farmer's Market. Tons of organic produce and they always give you samples. You learn so much too. The farmers and vendors are always willing to share a recipe or some neat info. I bought a big basket of yellow squash so watch for some squash creations this week, some absolutely gorgeous nectarines and a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat bread for my Mom. I treat her to carbs since I'm carb-o-phobic. After I walked the FM I made a stop at TJ Maxx where I bought two cute pairs of pants (Size 10) and 2 shirts (Size L). I left in giddy amazement... size 10 and Large from a tight size 26/28 just 13 months ago. Woot Woot. I came home and crashed for a while. Well first we ate the lunch I brought home from a FM food vendor Turkish Beef Patties (a highly seasoned absolutely fabulous burger). Mom ate hers on her new bread and I had mine dipped in Cilantro Yogurt Sauce with a tomato salad. In a few I'll be BBQing Chicken Kabobs and making some Cauliflower.

Tonight's dinner food porn pic

Pics from the Farmer's Market:

The nectarines.

The stand that made my lunch.

Highlights of the day:

* Yummy fruit and veggie samples at the Farmer's Market
* New clothes
* I got out of TJ Maxx without buying another purse. This is a big accomplishment.

Listening to: "Chilcock" Stanton Moore

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