Fruits of my labor

Today was HOT and apparently it's going to be triple digits all week?!? I really dislike the summer. At least I'm not lugging around 128 extra pounds anymore but still. Yuk. I'm going to BBQ outside or eat salads every night to keep the house cool. Speaking of salads I picked the first tomatoes from my 6 foot monster tomato plants.

We ate them for dinner. I made Beef Kabobs with a few of the cherry tomatoes and made a Cucumber, Tomato and Feta Salad with the rest. Nothing beats just picked tomatoes. The striped heirlooms are so cool and not acidic at all. Tomorrow a few more will be ready.

In about a month when I am inundated with them and have exhausted my tomato recipes remind me of this post and how I was so jazzed. LOL.

I better get to bed I need to get up early and run some errands and I want to send my neighbor in NY a copy of my pic and recipe from yesterday's cooking contest win. She was my inspiration to start entering cooking contests. When I was a kid I remember being her guinea pig and taste testing different versions of the same recipe. She is an awesome cook. She won contests all the time and back then the prizes were stoves and refrigerators so her garage was literally full of new appliances. She put ads in the paper and sold them and went on exotic vacations to places like Fiji. She's a character. She's in her 80's now but going strong and still enters contests. The largest prize I ever won was $5,000 for a Bruschetta recipe. Another win like that one would be nice. I need an exotic vacation.

Highlights of the day:

* Did pretty good with water today
* My bee sting feels better
* Planning a not so exotic weekend trip but still fun

Listening to: "Walk On" U2

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