This weekend

Spent Friday and most of Saturday in San Diego. A friend came into town so a group of ladies I've met through OH got together and did the tourist thing. Fun was had at the Seaport Village Hat Shop!

OK I so am going back to buy this green cowboy hat which perfectly matched my outfit (above) and looks super cute!

A weekend Wow moment: I bought a new hoodie. When I was a student at SDSU I bought a hoodie in size 2x (the biggest size they had) it didn't fit but I wanted one because "maybe one day it would fit" and it was a memory of my years there. Well it finally did fit (Thank God for this surgery) and I used it all this winter when I walked around the lake. That hoodie is HUGE on me now and needs to be retired. Oh yeah!!! So while I was on campus this weekend I bought a new hoodie in size Large which is get this... a bit big on me but when my boobies are in place again I think it'll be just right! So woooo hoooo!

Last night we went to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" It was soooo good! I could see that show over and over (I have seen it 3 times) This performance was even better than the last time I saw it and I thought that was the best version I'd ever seen. It was a fun night but I was wiped when I got home.

I slept in this morning and then got up and made a yummy Berry Protein Shake, worked on my latest craft project, answered emails, listened to music and surfed the net. I love Sundays like this! I'm going for a walk before I make dinner. Tonight's menu is BBQ'd Greek Chicken and Zucchini from the garden sauteed with Onions and Mushrooms and (of course) a Tomato Salad.

I'm still on an egg and tomato kick. Had both several times this weekend. Eggs = lots of biotin so my hair is loving life. It was so hard losing hair after surgery (I lost huge clumps for 2 months) I do have to say my hair now is healthier than it's ever been and crazy curly.

Highlights of the weekend:

* The San Diego Trolley system is a pleasant way to travel (the San Diego Bus System leaves something to be desired)
* Visiting with friends ;)
* Working on our tote bags OMG!?! they are coming out so cute. I'll post pics soon.


Annoying Lizard said...

Great pics of you gals! The food looks yummy too!!

Michelle said...

We missed you!

Anonymous said...

The Tomato Salad looks delicious. Do you have a recipe?

Michelle said...

It's just a combo of 4 different homegrown tomatoes including some heirlooms tossed with crumbled feta cheese (sometimes I add a couple of cloves of roasted garlic too) I vary the dressing. I believe that night I made a vinaigrette :)

Sarah said...

Did you click on the Seaport page...trunk sale at the HAT shop on the 14th!!!!

Shira said...

When's the next unofficial SoCal gathering?

I'm in Los Angeles!