Fiesta, Forever.

I've been eating a lot of Mexican-ish meals lately. Our yummy Cinco de Mayo leftovers turned into this great soup.

I sauteed 1 zucchini, took the leftovers (about 3 cups of Carnitas meat & juices), dumped them in a pot with 1 (15 oz.) can of Chicken Broth, a 1/2 cup of fresh Salsa, a Tablespoon of chopped fresh Cilantro, and a few twists of Black Pepper to make a quickie Carnitas Soup. You may have to adjust the broth amount depending on how much of each leftover you have. I topped each serving with crumbled Cotija Cheese. Soooo good.

Saturday I hit the Farmer's Market in the AM, got some great stuff: artichokes, strawberries, avocados, but came home to all hell breaking loose at my house. I've been having plumbing issues for months. We call someone, it gets fixed and then a few weeks later it's having issues again. We have 2 bathrooms and only one was having problems. Saturday the other one started. Plumbers again. $$. This time we got to the "root" of the problem... literally. When the toilet was removed in the master bath a flipping tree or something was down there. Greaaaaat. $$$$. It had progressed so much that it started to effect the other bathroom. Not quite sure how the 3 plumbers that had come to my house in the past did not figure it out earlier but whatever, it's hopefully getting resolved now. So today, Mother's Day, Mum and I are watching as the tile in the master bath gets jack-hammered up, new pipes, tile, etc. etc. = a hellaciously expensive mess.

I made us a quick breakfast before all the guys came. A sort of Mexican Breakfast Bowl. In fact, let's just call it that...

Shelly's Mexican Breakfast Bowl

Refried Beans
Scrambled Eggs with fresh Cilantro
Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese
Fresh Salsa

Heat the beans and place a dollop in each bowl. I scrambled eggs with fresh, chopped cilantro. Topped the beans with those. Sprinkled cheese and salsa. Eat. Nom. You could spoon the mixture in a tortilla too but I just ate it as is. Nice warm start to the day.

Hope everyone is having a nice Mother's Day! I owe Mum a nice brunch or something but we'll have to wait till all this work is done. I am so lucky to have my Mum. She is my best friend.

The bouquet I made my Mum this morning, roses from our garden...

We've got "The Amazing Race" finale tonight so that will be fun. We both LOVE that show. I'm making snacks.

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P.S. Damn blog title... Lionel Ritchie is stuck in my head. Fiesta, Forever. Come on and sing along! Could someone tell me what the heck "Tambo li de say de moi ya. Hey Jambo Jumbo!" means?


Jennifer said...

Oh man.. we had issues similar but it never got so bad that they had to tear apart our bathroom. They had to pull the roots out of the pipes, and luckily they were in just the septic pipes. We had the entire tree removed last week. $$$ But it would have continued happening if we left the tree there. Hope it gets fixed and you enjoy a nice day with your mom!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! We had similar issues but they didn't get as bad as yours.

About the lrics, google says "To answer your question, Richie explained the lyric, "Tambo liteh sette mo-jah! Yo! Jambo jambo:" "I called the UN and said 'I need something African for the breakdown in this song I'm writing.' They informed me that there are thousands of different African dialects. I couldn't believe it. One region doesn't have any idea what the other is taking about. So, 'Tambo liteh sette mo-jah!'? I made it up on the spot. Now I think that 'Jambo' might have a meaning in Swahili (it does- "hello"), but you gotta be careful because it might mean 'welcome' in one dialect and you might get your head cut off for saying it in another."

There are though other phrases taken from different dialects, "Karamu" is a Swahili word for a party along with a feast; "Liming" is a Caribbean phrase for getting together, and "Fiesta" is Spanish for party."

How's that for an explanation? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That's definitely some major plumbing issues. Yikes.

Those roses are *gorgeous*!!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

So sorry about your plumbing issues. It sounds horrid. We've been lucky for the last couple of years however, on clean out day the day before my surgery, we had pipes freeze and burst. Not fun with no toilet working in the house.

leendadll said...

Hope all is resolved with your plumbing this time. I used to live in an area where that was a chronic problem and it's one of my biggest fears now, as a homeowner.

Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

Pouch Party said...

Shelly...don't make me send you the pic of me with the Jherri Curl. I'd do that! Nice breakfast bowl! Remindes me of juevos rancheros.

Nica said...

I have an egg every morning for breakfast. I scramble, fry, and boil and always try to find something else to go with them other than cheese. Refried beans sounds like a great idea! Thank you. Also, now that I've read your post, the song is now an earworm and I suspect I'll be playing it in my head, "all night long... all night... all night... " LOL! Take care and hope you had a wonderful Mom's day, despite the plumbing troubles!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked your homeowner's insurance policy? I had a plumbing leak in the concrete slab under my guest room that was super pricey to find and fix. The insurance covered everything but the pipe itself. Insurance won't cover the cost of plumbing repairs, usually, but might cover diagnostics and fixing the tile etc. Might be worth a call to the claims line.

Anna @ Connecticut Weight Loss said...

sorry to hear about the plumbing issues on this special day. The photo with your mom is great, you really look wonderful, both of you -I can see some great genes there :)-.
I really had no idea what the words actually meant, but i loved the rhytm

amberwaves27 said...

You Rock Shelly!
Amber Zetina

lindainpcola said...

Hello from Florida
I came across your site & find it an inspiration I am about a month pre op Your blog has been so encouraging with day to day recipes tips products etc That I am testing out your recipes in preparation for my life style change
PS would love to enter your giveaway also

Anonymous said...

congratulations and I love this site!! I am pre-op and know I will be visiting this daily!!!thank you and I hope I win!!!!!

thanks again, Chris

rais said...

Hi Shelley. I think this is a great site. I just had WLS and love the recipes and the thoughts. Great Job! Brian.