A day in my pouch

My yesterday in post weight loss surgery eating...

Breakfast: Had a couple of those super yummy CLICKcakes made with CLICK Espresso Protein and a little Land o Lakes Sugar-Free Whipped Cream.

These are so good. If you haven't entered to win the CLICK'd out bike be sure too. Here's the info on that.

Lunch: Went out for Sushi. I don't do rice post weight loss surgery (my choice, no rice, bread, pasta, white potatoes, crackers, chips for the past 4 1/2 years) This was my yummy riceless order...

At my favorite Japanese sushi restaurant they are called Summer Rolls, sometimes at other restaurants I've seen them called Cucumber Rolls, Kamisu Rolls, Naruto Rolls, just ask your Sushi chef to make you a riceless roll. It's soooo good. Assorted Sashimi, raw fish, some cooked and veggies rolled in thinly sliced cucumber. Sometimes I just order Sashimi (slices of fish alone) which is great too but this roll is divine. I dipped them in a little soy sauce and wasabi. Heavenly and oodles of protein. Both are very weight loss surgery friendly dining out choices.

Want a riceless sushi fix at home. Try this, one of my favorites.

Dinner: I guess I was on a roll kick. I had a Turkey, Cheese & Avocado Roll-up. Delish. These are great cold of course but Mmmm sauteed in a pan these are great on a chilly night when you want warm, cheesy and gooey.

Just take a slice of turkey and cheese and place a slice of avocado or two in the middle. Roll it up. Place it seam side down in a non-stick pan that has been sprayed with Pam and brown all all sides.

Snacks: Much to much coffee, some Roasted Chickpeas (2 down, 9 to go) and a Cherry Almond Protein Smoothie. A day full of nom.