I am thankful for...

You. Thank you to my family, cyber & real world pals for reading my ramblings and checking out what's cooking. You help me keep my head in the game and for that I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope your day is lovely... full of family, friends, fun and healthy eats.


RP said...

No, believe you me, we are extremely thankful for you, Michelle.

I have lost 61 pounds since July and I certainly wouldn't be here without you, seriously.

I'm losing weight eating pizza, fudge and ice cream. Ya gotta love it baby!!

Have a wonderful holiday season,


Anonymous said...

I am so very thankful for "eggface" -
I've made it two plus years and have not gained back any weight thanks to the advice, recipes and yummy food I CAN eat -
One of the most valuable tips has been your "insanity" definition, I keep it on my fridge and refer to it whenever I feel the old craving to gorge on pasta, bread or rice.....
Hugs from Michigan,