Best. Gift. EVER.

Days like yesterday make me soooo thankful I had weight loss surgery. I went to two outdoor events... a Day of the Dead celebration and a huge Street Faire. You know the kind of event where parking is gone by 5 AM and the event doesn't start till 10. Which means of course that you have to park miles away, hoof it to the good stuff then it's miles & miles of walking once you are there.

At 295 pounds I would NEVER have attempted an event like these let alone 2 in a day. I couldn't walk the length of the mall without stopping once or twice on a bench. Yesterday I walked and walked and walked... and never broke a sweat.

So this is just a public thank you to the universe, my surgeon, and myself (for finally making the choice to be healthy) Hope everyone who is considering weight loss surgery has as complication free a time as I have had. I wish you many, many, WOW moments. I'm 3+ years out and STILL having them.

Some pics of the day...