TV Snacks

Grey's Anatomy season finale was the other night and I made that Mmmm Chocolate Almond Panini but before dessert I did make some savory stuff. A "cheesy" pizza because face it the show is cheesy (but I heart it) and some saucy meatballs (insert junior high school humor here) both of which were yummy.

Last night for the American Idol finale I made some more meatballs and for dessert I made my Apple Raisin Protein Souffles. Longtime Eggface readers will recall last year's Protein Souffle kick I was on. They are soooo good. Awesome breakfast too. Don't be afraid of the souffle word they are super easy to make.

I have several versions... Pumpkin, Banana, Chocolate Banana, Banana Caramel Nut, this Apple one.

The souffles "rise" like the rising stars in American Idol. LOL Get it ;) I know, I know I'm a goober but I wave the goober flag proudly.

I sound like a TV addict. I actually barely watch TV and now all my shows are over so the TV won't get switched on again till the Fall. Amazing Race is my favorite. Grey's because you just have to see how it all turns out and American Idol but only after the goofy shows in the beginning with the whack jobs, yodelers and other deranged wannabes. I can't bare those. Oh and I watch bull riding but that even takes the summer off.

Shelly's BBQ Saucy Meatballs

8-10 Turkey Meatballs (I used Foster Farms Frozen or you can make your own)
1/4 cup BBQ Sauce* (I use Sweet Baby Ray's)
2 Tablespoon Sugar Free Apricot Jam (I use Smuckers Simply Fruit)

Mix BBQ sauce and jam together. Pour over meatballs. Toss to coat. Microwave (if you are in a hurry) but they are even better cooked in a mini crock pot till warmed through. The frozen meatballs are pre-cooked so it's just a matter of heating them through.

*If you dump easily look for a low sugar or no sugar BBQ sauce but 1/4 cup divided between 10 meatballs shouldn't be an issue for most. I use only the yummy good stuff 'cause it's all about the flavor. I just don't slather things with it.

Shelly's Cheesy Alfredo Flat Out Pizza- Original Kidz Size Flat Out Wrap, Provolone, Alfredo Sauce, Fresh Asiago Cheese and Italian Seasonings.

Lightly oiled cookie sheet. 375° for 10 minutes.