Things to do with your old clothes.

So I found a bag of my old pants (mostly jean capris) in the back of my closet the other day. Some of them were favorites with super cute embroidered bottoms.

Have you noticed that skinny chick capris just aren't as cute? Why is that?

Of course I'd rather be in size 8 (which woot woot are getting very loose looks like it'll be size 6 next time I'm at the store) than my former size 28 but skinny chick capris are always plain and boring :(

I just couldn't part with these so I'm coming up with fun things to do with them.

My first effort...

The Pansy Coin Purse

You need:

4" Zipper

Old Pair of Jeans
Sewing Machine

Before I cut them to shreds I took a picture in my old jeans as inspiration for the days when I don't want to exercise or want to eat something I shouldn't. I'm putting it on my fridge ;)

Edited to add: I should mention these had total "chubb rub" so I felt good about cutting them up since they were not able to be donated.

If you are looking for a great organization to donate your good stuff to check out Dress for Success an awesome organization that helps woman reentering the workforce. They got all my business outfits and dressy stuff. Goodwill got the casual things and these chubb rub crotch capris have been recycled into the world's coolest coin purse.

Another great way to recycle your clothing (and anything else) is by listing items on Freecycle rocks.


DCY said...

I gave away all my big clothes before getting to goal, so I won't be able to take a photo in my "fat" pants. Oh well, I just didn't want to keep a reminder of just how big I was.

As an aside, have you ever tried Da Vinci's SF Vanilla or Caramel Syrup? I found some at Wal-Mart and was just wondering how it will do?

Shrinky Inky said...


cute idea for your old pants. I gave away every scrap of my plusssss size stuff except one pair of pants, one t-shirt, one bra and one pair granny panties - i keep them in the front of my closet to remind me never to fit into them again. Must try them on again now that I am past a year.

You look maaaaaarvelous!!

hippie_chick said...

Freecycle does ROCK!!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

dcy: I have used Davinci, Monin, Artista, and Torani Sugar Free Syrups (oh and Starbucks) and I prefer Torani (and Starbucks) but Davinci has some super cool flavors so I get those sometimes. They all pretty much act the same and are sweetened with Splenda. I think Torani has the best flavor (you know caramel tastes like caramel, etc.) but it's a personal preference thing. In cooking it should work just fine.


shrinky: I know it... I break them out every now and again to see how far I've come and where I don't want to go back to. Thank you for the lovely compliment ;) Backatcha babe.


hippie chick: Totally rocks! I've given and recieved some great stuff through freecycle that would have otherwise been filling the landfills. One man's trash is another's treasure :)

Through Thick and Thin said...

that is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing. and yes--freecycle is the nuts!!!! I love it!