Lights Out

We had a 3 hour power outage last night. It ruined a batch of Protein Ice Cream but it taught me some lessons.

Lessons learned during the power outage...

* Every flashlight I own sucks or was out of batteries.
* Burning six different scented candles (jasmine, lavender, sugar cookie, apple cinnamon, pumpkin pie and ocean breeze) at the same time makes you want to hurl.
* I could never be Amish.

Thankfully the lights went back on 7 minutes before Grey's Anatomy started because that would NOT have been pretty ;)

Here's last night's no-cook (or pre-cooked) mixed up super cool bento box dinner I took to the park to eat because the park had light.

Blue Box (top left): Mixed Green Salad w/ Grilled Chicken and Unsweetened Dried Cranberries
Orange Box (top right): Glenny's Soy Crisps
Pink Box and Mini Blue Box (bottom left): Celery with Almond Butter, Sweet Onion Dressing for salad
Green Box (bottom right): Pineapple Cottage Cheese (storebought Fresh & Easy brand)
Along side: Sugar Free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


Jenn said...

Where do you find unsweetened dried cranberries? I can only find the sweetened. They don't make me dump, but i really want unsweetened for more tang.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Jenn,

They are called unsweetened but technically they are sweetened with apple juice. Locally I get them at Sprouts Market but Eden Farms makes them too and you can get those at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, some "Health Food" stores, or online.


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

When I can eat regular food again after my tests next week. I will be using my new Bento box. I am excited to use it like a child and the first day of school.

Laurie said...

You are definately someone I can learn from on my journey to WLS(RNY)Im having it in july, Love your blog check out mine I just started if you like link me:)
love your reciepes!!

Thanks Laurie

Becky said...

I hated that power outage! I was watching a show I recorded earlier and bam, tv off. It was kind of cool though, but odd that is went so far!

Kathy and Judy said...

There is some kind of cosmic law that says whenever the power goes out, every flashlight you own has dead batteries. Or in my case, the kids have taken them all and we can't even find one to put batteries into! I now have one hidden in a super secret place, just in case...

By the way, because of you I have gotten into bento boxes...they are such a good size for bringing my lunch to work. I don't hve the kind you do, but a couple of the Japanese ones that clip, and I love them! Thanks so much for the inspiration.


Teri said...

Ah, Gray's Anatomy. Look what I found:

"Congratulations are in order! A major female character on a popular and highly rated hour-long drama series will learn that she's pregnant next month.

Come to think of it, hold off on the congratulations. This is far from a happy occasion. You see, the expectant mom will be none too thrilled to find herself with child. For starters, the timing couldn't be worse -- both professionally and personally. And then there's the baby daddy. He's been, um, going through some stuff lately. Personal stuff. The kind of stuff only a psychologist and/or a surgeon can fix. A kid is an extra dose of crazy he probably doesn't need right now either."

Most of the comments think it is Christina and Owen. Cause he's a little crazy. And did you know the actresses who play Meredith and Little Gray are both pregnant? Should be interesting for the next couple of weeks!


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Oooh TY good stuff Teri. Since you are a fellow Grey's fan. Be sure to check out one of my fav sites: always has juicy gossip.


Camper said...

Shelly once again I can't thank you enough for all your inspiration & Recipes. I made the stuffed crab mushrooms and they are to die for also the zuc. bites very good.
I had the RNY and went from a 20 to a 4 thanks to all your good cooking and ice cream just pulled out the maker yesterday and ready to go.
I do not have a promblem dumping not sure why but it doesn't matter what I eat it doesn't happen that could be a good thing.
Can't find a lot of the things you advertise can't find Max Protein anywhere I'm in the western pittsburgh area unsweetened cranberries can't find.
I didn't mean to ramble but look forward everyday for your postings.
Thanks again for everything