On my way to LA

I'm off to LA. I have waaaaay too much stuff. Besides my clothes and Halloween costume... I have blenders, ice cream makers, giveaway prizes and supplies. Like three tubs worth. The poor bellhop will surely get a hernia helping me to my room.

I'm bringing my laptop so I will try to post some pics from Friday night's Halloween Party sometime this weekend. If not look to be inundated with stories and crazy pictures next week.

The blog contest is still going on all weekend so be sure to enter if you haven't already. The winner will be announced sometime Monday when I get back. Good Luck!

If you are jonesing for food porn while I'm away be sure to scroll through the Eggface Archives over on the <--- left side of the screen or use the Search Feature under my before and after pics (type in a keywords like chicken, pizza, chocolate, zucchini and see what comes up)

Safe travels to all my pals coming from other states and all my local pals... see ya in a bit.


Angela said...

I wanted you to know I made a cake tonight finally..Instead of lemon, I used sf bananna cream pudding mix and sf caramel syrup..Was sooo easy and tasted like bananna bread...yummy! I can not wait to try more!!

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I hope you're having a wonderful time in LA! When you get back and have time I wonder if you could answer a question? I went to the website looking for information on MAX Protein. They have so many kinds and none look like the photo of the one you use. Can you offer more information?

donna said...

Well I have spent about the last week or so reading your blogs, any spare moment I get (I sneak at work)!! I am so impressed by the way you have taken control of your life after WLS and I hope you don't mind if I call you my mentor, even though I don't personally know you. I'm almost 2 months post op, and knew I needed to find a new way to approach eating, but wasn't sure which way to go, until I found you on OH. You've inspired me, I made several of your recipes this past weekend, and was not disappointed with one! Hubby loved the pizza porn I created, and my pregnant daughter went bananas over the chocolate cake. I kept telling her, "No, it's mine" but then she played the baby card, so I had to give up a slice (then two)!! Thanks so much, I can't wait to hear how the OH in LA event went!!!

Kelly said...

Hi Shelly. I have been a silent reader of ur website until now. I see all of ur delicious recipes, but I was wondering if u have perfected a "sugar" cookie recipe? This will be my first holiday after wls, and I am having the sweet thoughts of "sugar"cookies dancing in my head.