The friendly skies

So I'm flying to Philly... I'm sitting in my window seat and two male model looking guys sit down next to me. They look alike, like brothers, twins even. Soooo cute. We exchanged smiles, introductions, pleasantries... ahhhh they have Australian accents. I'm thinking score. This is soooo going to be a great flight but then I look over and they are holding hands. Damn.

Ipod on.

On the return flight. I sit down in my window seat and soon this man sits down in the seat next to me. I smiled and I realized he's talking to himself. I think ohhhh he must be still on his cell... one of those hands free ear jobbies but nope nothing is in his ear. Still mumbling. He's sounding a little aggressive now. I start to pick up a few curses... some sons of bitches and F bombs and I think great... a psycho.

Ipod on.

We take off. I look over and he has the free magazine USAir gives you and he's OMG?!? what is he doing???

Now he's maniacally tearing out pages and mumbling...

I close my eyes.

About 10 minutes later he taps me on the arm and hands me this...

Madman: Here. I made you a paper dragon.
Me: Thanks. Ummm. You are very talented.
Madman: Do you have any pets?
Me: Yes, a cat.
Madman: I have 2 cats. Hairless from St Petersburg, Russia. I take them for walks on a leash. Their names are Pumpkin and Mr. Biggles.
Me: Nice.
Madman: Have you ever been to Orlando?
Me: Yes.
Madman: I have a house there.
Me: Nice. So is that where your cats are?
Madman: No.
(begins maniacally tearing pages out again.)

Ipod on.


Sunshine said...

LOL. What a trip! Well, you can definitely say it was interesting.

Melanie B said...

omg too funny shelly! At least the paper dragon is pretty cool. It was a pleasure meeting you in Philly (did you get to the rocky plaque at Pat's or did the force you to go to Geno's instead??)

Jeremy said...

You are a nut! BAHAHA

GF said...

I'm sorry -- but that made me laugh.

It's nice to know I'm not the only ONE who attracts the um... talented conversationalists. ;)

Tom said...

Bwaahahaaaa!! Pumpkin and Mr. Biggles. Great meeting you Michelle. I guess since you didn't have your IPOD on at any point I was around you must mean I'm not half crazy. :) Tom

Beth S. said...

lol!!! What do you expect from Philly? We attract all the weirdos!

Vikki said...

I'm sorry I know that return trip must have been unnerving... but it was tooo funny... I can't stop thinking about that guy ripping out pages muttering to himself... I'd have completely freaked...giggle

Lesley said...

I'm a recent post-op, so for right now I avoid having to sit next to anyone on a flight. But I had this fantasy that someday I wouldn't care if I had a seatmate, and as luck would have it, the stranger next to me on the plane would turn out to be the man of my dreams! Except in my fantasy, he was normal, straight, and didn't mumble to himself. *sigh* Good thing I own an iPod!

kay said...

lol scary i would have hid in the bathroom the whole time!!!

Barb Del Piano said...


Kathy W. said...

LMAO FYI: Most gay guys are hot. At least you got a cool dragon out of the trip home.

somechileanwoman said...

I thought I had an artistic eye, but I don't see a dragon at all!

Rachel said...

Now that is funny!

Anonymous said...

Oye Michelle----it must be the name, I feel like that could be my life too!

Michelle in NH

pcgal said...

LOL, Michelle you sure have a way with words!