It's been awhile since I've put up some Pizza Porn. So here's today's Tortilla Pizza lunch...

After the Farmer's Market, I went to Baron's a local store with a really extensive olive bar. I picked out some roasted eggplant slices and few red & yellow sun dried tomatoes which when I came home became pizza toppings along with a slice of provolone cheese, a few small dollops of ricotta, a grating of parmesan and some torn fresh basil on a Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajita Size Tortilla.


More Eggface Pizza Porn including the how to's (temp and time)


MadamE said...

Yummy Looking Pizza!! I'm gonna try it over here this week!!

Thank You Eggface!

Anonymous said...


I love your recipes and have tried several successfully especially the chicken artichoke bake but I failed at the pizza. My became soggy and I am thinking it is because I used fresh mozzarella. Any thoughts? BTW you look amazing! You go girl!

Library Girl (Helen)

Michelle said...

Hey Helen,

Try this: once the toppings go on get them in the oven right away, don't let them sit. 10 minutes @ 375 I use ricotta sometimes which is pretty darn wet but I make the pizza and boom right in the oven. Preheat while you are making the creation. ;) Hope this helps!

TY for the compliment... I feel like poop today (cramps) so you made me smile. Thanks!


Michelle said...

Hola Barb ;)

Lisa said...

Holy crap, that looks like the most delicious one yet! *drool*

Michelle said...

Hey Lisa,

TY. LOL I always say 'this one is my favorite" and then I make a different combo and think nope "this one is my favorite"

Gotta love a Tortilla Pizza!