Happy Singles Awareness Day

Errr. I mean Happy Valentine's Day.

So all my fellow single friends... Whatcha got planned? As all your friends at work get ostentatious floral displays delivered with gooey love notes attached and discuss their fancy dinner dates.

Green is my favorite color you know.

My plans... I am living vicariously through a romance movie marathon, gobbling up one of my yummy weight loss surgery friendly sugar free desserts and trying not to think too much.

I did hear the story of St. Valentine on the radio today I'm sure I learned it in school but I didn't remember it. It's very cool.

The Roman Emperor Claudius II banned the troops in his Army from marrying believing that married men did not make good soldiers. A priest named Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for the young men and their loves. He was eventually found out and jailed. While in jail awaiting execution he fell in love with the jailer's blind daughter. Valentine prayed for the girl and her sight was restored. On the evening before his execution, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to his beloved the note was signed: "From your Valentine."

Have a great day! Just think... we can look forward to tomorrow and hearing about how those dates went and admiring everyone's pretty new diamond necklaces... GREAT.

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