The first freesia

Thought I would share the first freesia of 2008 from my garden with all of you. The storm we are having was threatening it so it's now happily greeting me in my kitchen.

I'd just like to take time to say thanks to all of you who stop by and read my recipes and ramblings. I appreciate it. Blogging has been very therapeutic for me and heck ;) it's cheaper than a psychologist. It is comforting to know that my pals both those I've met in the real world and those in cyber space are sharing this with me.

I hope 2008 is treating you well so far.

~Michelle (Eggface)


Anonymous said...

That looks yummy! I recently heard about you and your website on OH. My husband and I have started trying some of your recipes ... oh my goodness, you need to write a cookbook for us post-oppers. I would buy several copies to give away and one to keep, of course!

Your freesia is beautiful ... especially with the rain drops!

Thanks for all the sharing you do. I know you say it's therapeutic for you, but I'll bet you're helping a lot of people

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
I went out tonite and bought some low carb tortillas (Mission - whole wheat) - Can't wait to try a pizza and the PB/fruit recipe!
I so enjoy your updates - please don't stop. I'm four and a half months out and down 100 pounds.
Thanks for rambling to all of us!
Karen, New Jersey

cadler18 said...


You have no idea the therapy you provide me! Not only do I want to move to California (I LOVE the beach), but I also want to make good decisions and know I can with the recipes you post. I, too, enjoy cooking so I check your blog daily! Thanks for sharing, and please don't stop!


Watty said...

LOVE your beautiful flower, as well as your awesome blog!

Michelle said...

Thank you :)