G is for...

Fat Chick version

G is for the "Girls" - I really liked being a big boobed girl. Big boobs are great in cold weather. They make the best hand warmers. They also have their uses in the summer. My permanently attached floatation devices kept me safe in the deep end of any pool. They were convenient for storing items too. I once hid my keys, a pack of cigarettes, and a disposable camera underneath them when going through security at the Dave Matthews concert. That was great.

Having big boobs wasn't all glitter and sunshine though...

They seemed to have some sort of magnetic energy that attracted pasta sauces, nacho cheese and soup and always when I was dressed to impress. Shout Wipes are your friend. They also really liked movie theatre popcorn. Often after a movie I'd come home and undress only to find a small collection of popcorn had escaped my hungry munching by hiding out in my bra.

Now come to find out I actually wasn't a "big boobed girl" after all.

After losing -147 with weight loss surgery I was left with two empty tube socks I had to roll up and tuck into my bra. When I went in for my plastic surgery consult I asked my plastic surgeon about implants versus just a lift and he told me without implants I could expect to be a B (maybe). B?????

I said but Dr. Q "I've always been a big boobed girl" to which he said, "No Michelle that was fat. You were a fat boobed girl."

B???? Me. Oh no that wouldn't do...

Post Gastric Bypass (and a little nip & tuck) Version

They're Back!

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