With all our senses

It's important we experience and enjoy the season with all our senses (not just taste)

1) Smell: Our strongest sense and memory trigger.

Your Grandfather's pipe (they leave :( us too quickly)
Mom's perfume
Children just bathed and ready for bed (nothing like a freshly bathed baby)
Burning scented candles (loving these right now)
The smell of a pile of leaves
Pine wreaths
The air after a rain
Vick's Vapor Rub (totally triggers childhood memories for me)

2) Hear:

Voices of loved ones
Listening to the howling wind or rain
The crunch of leaves under your feet
Children's excited voices
Trick or treaters calling, football cheers, carolers
The Salvation Army bell ringers
Your family "nagging" each other (Instead of getting agitated learn to enjoy this)

Halloween 1982

3.) Feel:

Hugs of loved ones
Flannel sheets and warm blankets
Fuzzy hats and scarves
Crisp morning air
A scented lotion (my favorite is the Pear one)
Warmth of a fire in the fireplace (Any of my NY pals remember the Yule Log on TV?)

4) See:

Trees changing color and losing their leaves
Clear starry skies
Cool cloud formations after a storm
Smiling faces
Glowing candles
Your breath on a cold day (Doesn't happen that much in So Cal I love it when it does)

5) Taste:

Healthy foods in sensible portions
Fresh fall veggies
Cooking with herbs
Sweet apples (smeared with Justin's Maple Almond Butter)
Warm tea
Lip balm (if I was on Survivor this would be my luxury item)

1 comment:

chakragirl06 said...

I think I've finally come to my senses! All of them now that I realize I have more than ONE! Taste! LOL!

I'm walking 3 miles a day and enjoying the smell of Autumn like never before. The feel of the breeze cool & crisp this morning while I walked. I needed a light sweater, but wanted to feel the coolness like I've never felt before. By choice not need.....meaning pre-rny I was always HOT and needed to cool off. Totally different now.

While cleaning up house today, I burned my pumpkin spice, autumn wreath, and fall leaves (yankee of course!) candles. It smelled so good in the house. My daughter woke up (home sick today) and said it smells so much like fall mom!

Tonight I made your shepherds pie recipe! Yummy,delish! My whole family loved it!! I will need to up that to a double batch. I managed to eek out a portion for lunch tomorrow for me. Smiles!

I loved your post today!!! It really hit home! Eggface was darling in 1982! Girl, I was graduating in 1984.....yikes, showing my age....oops! LOL! I'm actually thrilled to still be alive and eager to live now! Thank God for Gastric bypass for me anyhow!

~Big Hugs, Steffanie