What made you fat?

Baby Eggface

Here is my answer:

A very important question. I believe knowing this answer helps us to not go back there.

My story... the bullet point version:

* Overeating simple carbs (bread, pasta, rice)

* Poor eating habits (all day survival on Venti Double Caramel Macchiatos, come home and eat for four then crash... rinse and repeat)

* Dislike of exercise and sweating (and eventually comorbidities that made it dangerous)

* Italian family = food is love

* Wartime mentality old school parents = clean your plate, no waste (after 18 it was all me)

* Fat genes (I'm assuming this one) but Pop was fat and died at 67 from it.


chakragirl06 said...

Yep, that's my bullet point almost exactly. However, instead of Italian family = food is love, mine is Irish family = food is love. Funny thing though I love Italians and their food so I wonder if I was switched at birth, lol! I love your blog site and you, full of info, caring and sharing. I've tried so many of your recipes and loved them all! Thanks for sharing, I look forward everyday to what you have to say!

Michigan has your back while you're having your PS done. I'll be holding you close in prayers while you're away! I will be eagerly awaiting all your posts when you return!! It's going to be like withdrawal for me until you come home I guess. Yikes! It'll be way worse than giving up pop or caffine!! :-)

~Big Hugs to you! ~Steffanie

Anonymous said...

A young 12 year old girl, loses her mother by unexpected death, left with a totally unattached father, I guesz food became my everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eggface! I just wanted to wish you good luck with your PS and hope all goes well. Are you taking someone with you this time? I think I remember that being the one thing you regretted about your other surgery. I don't check in every day but do check your blog and enjoy reading about your recipes and adventures. Thanks and good wishes! Love, Oceandirt (Sandy)

Michelle said...

Anonymous, I'm assuming if you stumbled on my blog that you are on the way to making food less of your everything. Best wishes. I work over at ObesityHelp.com I highly encourage you to check it out. Lots of great people who "really" understand because they have been there.

Michelle said...

Steffanie, Thanks so much!!! You made my day.

Michelle said...

Oceandirt (Sandy), Nope going alone again. I know. I'm a glutton for punishment. :) I'm down there not as long this time and I know what to expect having done it last year so I hope that makes the difference.

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy got me. I'm 5 ft 0 in; and until I was 30 (and got pregnant) was 115 to 120 pounds. A bit chubby, but basically proportionate. My parents were first generation Americans but they were coaches...everything was move your body and have fun while you do it; eat the healthy but yummy stuff (no strawberry is safe from me).

I spent the majority of my pregnancy sleeping and eating. Baby was 9# 13oz and had a huge head (still does, at 20). Lost 30 of the 100 pounds I gained. 6 years later, same thing all over again, lost 20 of the 100 pounds I gained. And stayed there for 10 years.

2005 saw me with huge medical issues and I was completely unable to move around much. Had R-n-Y at Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh. I'm down to 200 from 325; was stuck at 220 for nearly 3 years but it's begun coming off slowly...about a pound a week. Hallelujah!

But a lot of damage can't be undone. I have arthritis in my knees and feet, and am trying very hard to keep from knee replacement surgery too soon. I frequently use a cane or wheeled walker for long distances. A trip to the zoo is out of the question. I do yoga and stretch and walk as much as I can.

Am I where I want to be? No. I won't ever be there. But I'm alive and in far better shape than I expected to be.

Remember: it's never too late to fix it. Even if one only has days left, make them the best possible.

pugsmom said...

For me it was my emotions. Every emotion triggered an eating binge. My mom died of a heart attack at the age of 39. I was 21 and 5 months pregnant at the time. Before that baby was one year old I was divorced. Remarried and divorced again 10 months later. Married for the third time by the time my son was 4. Due to extreme poverty, we moved 15 times in 13 years. Between the two of us we had 8 kids and in 1996 we adopted three of our grandkids ages 4, 5, and 8. That same year my husband became disabled and I was his caregiver. Amongst all the rewards of being able to stay together as a family for 11 years in spite of all the trauma, I ate and ate and ate. In 2006 I had a R-N-Y. The next year my husband died. I would have died too if I hadn't had the surgery and a good mentor. (my cousin, who had had the surgery a couple of years prior). I praise the Lord that I was able to have that surgery and I feel more alive and healthy now that I have in my entire adult life and I'm 66 this year.
I love theworldaccordingtoeggface. Shelly and all the commenters are so inspirational. Thank you so much for you blog.