I had to share this...

I've been wearing the binder the hospital put on me every day and night since I got home. I've been really swollen... I mean really swollen like fatter thighs then when I was 295 pounds swollen. That started Day 4 and totally freaked me out. BTW. Every morning I would wake up and they would be less swollen but within a few minutes poof Stay Puft Marshmallow again. Finally last night I tore off the binder they gave me and switched to the binder I had when I had RNY... umm woke up this morning to thighs 1/2 the size and going down by the minute. I was strangling myself from the waist down.

I'm feeling a little better each day. I had a lot done at once so I realize it'll be a slow road till I feel "normal" again but today was better than yesterday so woo hoo!

I actually cooked today. I'll post some FP tomorrow.

Highlights of the day:

* Hurts less

* Mmmm Tortilla Pizza for lunch

* My arms look narrow in my sweatshirt

Listening to: "Rio" Duran Duran


chakragirl06 said...

Oh girl, you must know how much I admire you and what you're going through! I can't imagine what it feels like. I consider myself a high pain tolerant person. I thought my rny was a breeze really. At first, I thought I would be happy just losing weight, now watching things shrink is great but scary all at the same time. I do now think PS is in my future. At only 3 mos out I'll just save money & wait to see the final result of my weightloss. But it could get creepy.....lol.

I'm so glad you're back safe & sound! I missed you! ~Hugs, Steffanie

AnnoyingLizard said...

Woohoo for listening to Duran Duran! Those are my guys!

Michelle said...

Thanks Steffanie. Yeah I started to look scary kind of like a drippy candle in an Italian restaurant something had to be done. I really never imagined it would wipe me out like it has but I'm told by others who have gone before me that in a few months it will all be worth it. Thanks again, I missed you guys!

Michelle said...

Hey Sally, I've been on an 80's kick lately. Duran Duran has been stuck in my head for days. Right now it's "Come Undone"