Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weight loss surgery in Mexico and Dr. A

You know my surgeon down in Mexico Dr. A lost a patient the other day. Apparently her family is going to their local newspapers and TV and bashing Dr. A and having weight loss surgery in Mexico. I am so sad this young woman died but through reading the accounts of it she did not follow the protocol Dr. A sets forth and left his care days earlier than what is required. I was in Mexico 9 days and during those 9 days (3 days in the hospital then 6 in Dr. A's designated apartment, 4 days of which you are visited by a private nurse who takes your vitals, cleans your drainage bag, helps you shower, cleans and rebandages your incision) I saw the Dr and/or several members of his nursing staff and family everyday. Nothing in their story is close to what I experienced (or others who have been blessed with finding Dr. A.) I believe their sadness and loss is causing them to look for someone to blame and so they are taking aim at the Dr. and going out of the country for surgery. I think they will come to realize that it was obesity that took their loved one.

Having your stomach dissected and intestines rerouted is a big deal whether you have it done in the States, Canada, Europe, or Mexico. Yes, you could die. 1 in 200 die. So chances are you won't but it is still a risk. There are good and bad surgeons in every country. Do your research! Here's an excerpt from My Story: "I also made peace with the fact that I could die. I just figured I was a ticking time bomb that was eventually going to die from one of the many co-morbidities I had and frankly even when I was living fat I was "dead" because I wasn't making the most of my time on earth. I was trapped. So I made peace with the fact that if God wanted to take me he would and that was that. I'd rather die fighting for life then passively kill myself which is what I was doing. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin."


Anonymous said...

Wow. I went and read the article and you are right. It sounds like she didn't follow the plan. On his website it says you have a check at 8 days. They must have just been trying to save money. I also just have to say, that if MY mom were a nurse, I'd have taken her to Mexico with me in this instance to look after me. Wouldn't you? Anyway thanks for sharing all this.

Michelle said...

It's such a sad situation.

I believe her fiance went with her. So about the Mom being a nurse... my Mom was a nurse and I still went alone. I didn't want to worry about her or think about her worrying about me. Looking back that was a bad decision on my part. In fact, I only have on regret re: going to Mexico and that was going alone. I underestimated my emotional needs. Physically I didn't need much but emotionally. I was lonely.

thecrew said...

I'm considering VSG in Mexico and each time I decide on a surgeon I run across a negative comment about that particular Dr. I'd love to know who Dr. A is since you had a positive experience.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Dr. Aguirre's contact info is under Links and Resources on the blog but I do not believe he does VSG. Dr. Alvarez at is the leading Mexican WLS surgeon doing VSG.

blakemorebaylor said...

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