Holiday wrap-up

Hope everyone had a spectacular 4th of July! I had a great one. Well shoot anything beats last 4th of July. I was two weeks post-op eating mashed carrots and smelling everyone's BBQ smoke in the neighborhood. I was smack dab in the "what the hell did I do to myself" phase. When you are newly post-op and eating a tablespoon of mush like a baby you can't imagine that life is ever going to be "normal" again. What I now realize is what I was doing pre-op wasn't normal. I would go all day on Venti Carmel Macchiatos and then eat enough dinner for 4 people. There's nothing normal about that. I needed to train my body and mind for a new "normal." It takes time and trial and error. Fast forward a year later: -129 pounds, feeling awesome, and getting full on my (sensible portion) BBQ dinner. I had filet mignon topped with mushrooms, 1/2 a grilled corn, and a sliced tomato from the garden.

After dinner I worked for a bit and then went out and caught the local fireworks display. We have a great view from our backyard. This is the second house I've lived in with an awesome view of fireworks. It's nice not battling crowds. When we came inside Rose my cat was spooked from the snap, crackle, popping and so I spent some time calming her down. Pets don't like the 4th of July. She's still weirded out today and carrying around her "baby" everywhere (a stuffed gray cat).

Today is my Mom's birthday. We did nothing. By choice. We were going to go get our favorite crab legs but lunch turned into dinner and dinner turned into Sunday. We are into doing nothing today and sometimes those days are the best. Happy Birthday Mom!

Highlights of the day:

* Watching the "Pops goes the 4th" Boston Pops show (it's tradition)
* Baron's has yummy filet mignons. Reminder get those again well worth the $$
* My 2 hour conversation with Barb and talk of my next trip to NY. Barb and I need to hangout one last time at her house before her parents sell it :( and I need to deal with some "unfinished business" I have there.

Listening to: "Stone in Love" Journey

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