Currently obsessing on:

Reading blogs and writing in this one
Uncommon Goods (where I want to buy lots of stuff especially their embroidered pillows and apron)
Homegrown Tomatoes
Eggs (especially Onion & Parmesan Omelettes)
Demeter Fragrances (I wish Sephora wasn't so damn far away)
Watching concert videos and other random crap on Youtube
Researching plastic surgeons
My two crazy cats
Baron's Marketplace (My favorite market)
Food porn
Chatting with friends
Starbucks Tall Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Soy Lattes (with no whipped cream)
TJ Maxx (I love this store! I got the cutest pair of Lucky Jeans for $30 in get this... Size 10)
Going to NY
Magazines (I can't commit to a book)
My latest cooking contest entry
Making tote bags (You can never have enough purses)
80's Rock

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joannei56 said...

Sorry your weekend was the weekend from hell... think positive "this to will pass".
I know you probably hear this all the time but one more is in order. I really enjoy your blog and all the receipts that you are so kind to share. I'm scheduled for surgery on the 7th of December and I pray that I do as well as you have. So totally and complete surrendered to your new way to see food. With my issues with food you give me such inspiration that I too can do it! J