An Apple A Day

I better get the apple recipes ready. There's two more trees like this one.


Mary Brake said...

OMG did you grow those apples?? Damn you have a green thumb! I love fruit trees. I have a lemon, an orange, 2 kumquats, and a fig tree. But I struggle to keep them alive. My thumb is black. its so cool tho to be able to walk outside and pick fresh fruit.

ps...did u get the email I sent u yesterday? People arent getting my mail and I dont know why. My computer is possesed.


Michelle said...

Yep this is one of three Apple trees in my backyard. I have a fig (just a baby), kumquat, lemon, pomegranate, Asian pear, plum, and grapes LOL. I don't do a thing but water them.

Darn computers. Sometimes I want to toss mine in the street. No, I didn't get an email?!?