8 Weird Things About Me Meme

1. At any given time I have at LEAST 10 different cheeses in my refrigerator.

Currently (and I think I missed a few)

2. I am prone to light & odor induced migraines. So I always have sunglasses with me even on gray days and they are usually on top of my head.

3. When I was a child I played with lion cubs.

4. I collect cookbooks and cooking gadgets obsessively.

5. I am seriously considering changing my name officially but I'm too lazy to figure out the process.

6. I met Mr. Rogers.

7. Gross one: I had my top lip ripped off and reattached (powers of plastic surgery).

8. I had weight loss surgery alone in a foreign country.

Tag one: Annoying Lizard


Sarah said...

8 Weird things about me...(in no particular order)

1. I match my underwear and bra to each other, and coordinate them to my outfit.

2. I've had a hole in my heart closed while awake, and watched it on a screen...awesome cool.

3. I sucked my thumb until age 19.

4. I have a stellar memory.

5. I've sited the Unabomber's Manifesto in a college paper.

6. I tell stories, I like to explain and reference things...with stories...people relate better or get annoyed.

7. I've been on the Today Show, Rosie, and Oprah.

8. I quack like a duck when people tickle my neck.

Kim C said...

Your top lip was ripped off? Gross and owie!! How the heck did that happen?

8 weird things about me...

1. I eat candy every day

2. I still get nervous going into social situations.

3. I love to look at myself naked in the mirror.

4. I love to watch "Girls Next Door" - the playboy bunny show

5. I can't eat or even look at others eating mayo.

6. I also get odor induced migraines.

7. I chew my gum so loudly that it annoys everyone around me.

8. I go to Dunkin Donuts almost every day for an iced coffee

Kim C

Michelle said...

Sarah: LOL If they were in a particular order I'd put the quacking thing first ;)

Michelle said...

Kim: Mayo huh. What about in something like potato salad? Pudding gives me the heebie jeebies it's a texture thing.

About the lip: 3 years old. I was running with a little stick/branch and tripped over a plant pot. Stick meet lip.