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1. Saw this the other day and I have to share it. This is so me! I literally fight the urge to dance in supermarket aisles all the time. It doesn't help that music playing in stores and elevators now are my jams (sign of getting old?) So I am all for this becoming a thing... it will legitimize my weirdness ;)

2. The World According to Eggface is on Instagram now. Well I always had an account but it just sat there. I actually added a few pictures and am determined to use it more often so if you are an Instagram user feel free to follow me.

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3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

State of Obesity 2014 Annual Report
21 maps and charts that explain the obesity epidemic
65% of Americans Need Help With Weight Loss
After Losing 160 Pounds, Man Strips Down To Show Excess Skin
Is the CDC fueling anti-fat bias in the workplace? and an UPDATE.
Short term safety of Gastric Bypass - Misconceptions Dispelled

I tweet a lot of article links so if you follow my twitter account you'll get lots of articles throughout the week.

Select #YWM2014 sessions are now available on the Obesity Action Coalition You Tube Channel and be sure to make plans to attend #YWM2015 The Your Weight Matters National Convention August 13th-16th, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. Sign up for email alerts to be the first to hear when registration opens and all the event 411. I am the Convention Chair this year so I would like to personally invite you (or should I say y'all, it is Texas) to come!

4. I just read this statistic... the average American will consume more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day. I was probably pretty close to "average" pre- weight loss surgery from the chips, dips, cheese and crackers while we waited for feast to begin, to the smorgasbord of carby, cream and butter laden comfort food side dishes at dinner, the liquid calories of several glasses of apple cider... and then the pies.

Post weight loss surgery my Thanksgiving menu is way healthier but truly just as tasty. I'm still planning this year's menu but generally it's a slice or 2 of Turkey (I like white meat) and I make a couple of veggie sides like my Green Bean Casserole Stuffed Mushrooms, Roasted Brussel Sprouts or Butternut Squash, or Sicilian Rice-less Rice Stuffing (Cabbaliata) I have a scoop of each and then later one of my desserts: Crustless Sweet Potato Pie or Pumpkin Protein Souffle or something yummy like that.

Hey and if we play a few games of touch football or find a Turkey Trot walking or running event we may even lose weight on Turkey Day! I like being below "average" ;)

5. If you haven't thrown your name into the hat for my latest giveaway there is still time. It ends Sunday. Here's the link to enter. Also you'll want to check back on the blog Sunday evening to find out what's inside these 2 boxes?! as another Eggface giveaway will begin. Any guesses?

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