Post Weight Loss Surgery Menus: A day in my pouch

A day in my pouch is a series of blog posts to show what a typical daily menu looks like in my post weight loss surgery world. Here's what I ate yesterday...

Breakfast: I made my Deconstructed Sicilian Rice Balls for dinner last night and I had a little extra ground beef so I set it aside and used it in the morning to make a Cowboy Egg Bowl (scrambled egg, leftover crumbled ground beef (or turkey or sausage), shredded cheese and a few splashes of hot sauce (I love Cholula.)

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Lunch: I spent most of the morning at my Mum's audiologist. For those of you that are new to my blog or haven't met my Mum at an event, she has profound hearing loss. She had a really extensive hearing test done (needs a new hearing aid) so most of my morning was spent in a waiting room reading magazines so I know way more about Kim & Kanye and Ashton & Mila than anyone should know. Uggh. Oh and quick soapbox: hearing aids are crazy $$$ expensive and Medicare does not cover them and that is wrong. OK off soap box. After, we stopped for lunch at Rubio's and I had my standard order: Balsamic and Roasted Veggies Salad with Grilled Fish. I ax the dressing and use a little chipotle salsa and a squirt of lime. I eat the fish, most of the yummy roasted veggies veggies and a little of the greens and call it a day. It really is shareable. I love to cook so I tend not to eat out much but this is one of my two favorite healthier fast food-ish type places. I also love Panera's Power Bowls on their secret menu.

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Dinner: I get those 2 lb. boxes of peeled, cubed Butternut Squash cubes from Costco, toss them with a little drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of Kosher Salt and roast them at 425 for 40-45 minutes until soft and caramelized. Sometimes I turn that into one of my favorite Fall casseroles but tonight I made these. They are delicious and would be a great Meatless Monday dinner or dinner to make when vegetarian pals come to dinner, add a little salad on the side. I had it topped with a dollop of guacamole and yogurt dip.

Roasted Veggies Meatless Burger Patty Recipe

Shelly's Roasted Butternut Squash & Black Bean Patties

2 cups Roasted Butternut Squash
1 - 15oz. can Black Beans, rinsed and drained well
2 Eggs, beaten
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix
1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated
1 Tablespoon Dried Chives
a few twists of Black Pepper

Mix all the ingredients together. You want to leave some chunkiness to the squash and beans mixture I use a fork so some is more smashed and some is more whole. Using a 1/4 cup measure make 10 patties. Place in pan and flatten slightly. I saute 4 at a time in a 10" non stick pan with a Tablespoon of oil on medium heat. Cook about 5 minutes on one side. You will see the edge get golden and start to smell them (Mmmm) and you will know it's time for the flip. Flip once and continue about 5 minutes on other side till golden brown and crispy. Leftovers keep in fridge for a few days. Reheat in microwave and re-crisp in pan.

Shelly's Cumin Lime Greek Yogurt Dip

3 oz. Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2 teaspoon Ground Cumin
squirt of Lime juice
a little grated Lime zest

Mix together. Great for veggies or dipping grilled chicken or fish.

Snacks: Lots of coffee and this dessert that is often on my Thanksgiving Day menu. It's so good and trust me, non-ops will never know it's not the full sugar version. Don't skip the granola crumble topping it makes it and if you haven't made your own no sugar added whipped cream yet you have to do it. You need a whipper like this and some chargers but then you can add SF Flavorings to make SF Peppermint Whipped Cream or SF Coconut Whipped Cream on NSA Hot Cocoa, SF Chocolate Whipped Cream or SF Raspberry Whipped Cream on top of berries. So good.

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Shelly's Crustless Sweet Potato Pie with Protein Granola Crumble

1 (15 oz.) can Sweet Potato Puree (canned pumpkin can be subbed)
1 cup Fat Free Evaporated Milk
2 Eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Seasoning
3 Tablespoons Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (Torani, Davinci)

Mix together till well combined. Pour into a Pam sprayed 11 x 7 1/2" Pyrex dish. Bake for 15 minutes at 425. Turn oven down to 350 and Bake 40-45 minutes more or until knife inserted in middle comes out clean. Chill it for an hour or so.

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This is great to make the night before. Cut into squares (I made 24) top with optional No Sugar Added Whipped Cream and Spiced Chai Protein Granola Crumble.

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Shelly's Spiced Chai Protein Granola Crumble

1/4 cup Oatmeal, dry
1/4 cup Big Train Fit Frappe Spiced Chai Protein Powder
1/4 cup chopped Nuts (I used Pecans & Almonds)
1 Tablespoon Almond Butter
1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (Torani, Davinci)

Squeeze together with your hands till clumps form. You need to use your hands for this one. Place on a Pam sprayed, foil lined cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Cool. Crumble some on top of pie. I used about half on top of the Pie and saved the other half in an airtight container.

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The Protein Granola Crumble is great on Yogurt Parfaits, Cottage Cheese or sweetened (SF Syrup, Agave, Honey whatever you use) Ricotta Cheese for breakfast.

You can really use any protein powder in this recipe. I have made Espresso Protein Granola with Chike and Click. Chocolate Protein Granola is delicious. I love this Chai version though. I think it's my favorite... those Chai spices taste so Fall to me.

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