The Ricki Lake Show Wrap-up

The episode of The Ricki Lake Show I was on aired on Monday. You guys are AMAZING. I watched the show, took a walk and disconnected a bit from the world and I came back to amazing love ♥ in my inbox, on my Facebook page and Twitter. Thank you for that and thank you for being "my peeps who get it." I am blessed to have crossed life paths with you all.

Clip from the show:

The full episode is not available online as of yet :( Bummer because there is another segment. I'll post the link if that ever changes. Maybe a few messages might help ;)

More about my appearance:

Eggface on TV
The Ricki Lake Show Taping Day
The Ricki Lake Show Premiere (commercial)
My Before Pants Coin Purse (seen on the show)

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