Friday Five

A weekly round-up of tidbits, tips, ideas, news articles, random cool things from the weight loss surgery world...

1. The countdown (27 days) has begun to the Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" Conference. I hope to meet some of you in Dallas. It's going to be a great time. The best of the best speakers and presenters, fitness classes, lots of making of new friends, a Halloween Party (I've been making my costume, it's a secret), Sunday we'll be doing the Walk from Obesity (if you'd like to donate a buck or 2 that would be AWESOME!), I understand the hotel is beautiful, it's Texas so we'll be boot scooting and eating some BBQ (high protein.) There's still time to get in on the fun.

2. During one of the breaks between educational sessions at Fitbloggin' one of the sponsors Eggland's Best Eggs provided us with these super cool Hard Boiled Eggs on a stick with little bottles of Tabasco Sauce, we could just grab and take to our next session. I loved this idea and just had to recreate it.

I sprinkled a few things on the plate for dipping (Bagel Spice and some Sea Salt) along with my baby Tabasco bottle and my Mum and I had them for a protein packed snack.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

New Anti-Obesity Ads Blaming Overweight Parents Spark Criticism - How about some solutions versus shame & blame?!
Stigmatizing obesity undercuts effectiveness of public health campaigns - Stats prove shame doesn't work

Some solutions: The STOP Obesity Alliance and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation released a new online guide that prepares parents for tough conversations with their kids about weight and health. Rather than focusing on finding the root of obesity or laying blame, "Weigh In: Talking to Your Children About Weight and Health" offers practical information for how to responsibly and compassionately respond to real-world scenarios.

Freddie Combs, 540 Pounds, Shocks & Amazes Judges on X Factor - Amazing message to never give up.
Lady Gaga responds to weight critics - talks about dealing with body image issues all her life.

4. Speaking of Body Image... Today I received a lovely Thank You note from The Ricki Lake Show producers for appearing on the show...

It was not easy to share that part of my journey on TV but nothing but positive has come from it, especially the lovely messages of support and messages from those of you that feel the same way. We're in this together. Works in progress. If you watched the show they took my photo out on the streets of Los Angeles and these are the kind things people said. I AM TRYING TO BELIEVE...

Oh and the guy who said "Beautiful Body" needs to call me ;)

5. While I was in Baltimore we hit 5 digits on The World According to Eggface Facebook page!

As promised, we're going to celebrate with a BIG 10,000 Giveaway beginning this Sunday. Thank you for always shouting out the blog and Facebook to your pals. Sharing this ride with all of you, never feeling alone is AWESOME! Wait till you see this GIVEAWAY!

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