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1. Last week on The World According to Eggface Facebook Page I asked, "If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering weight loss surgery, what would you tell them?" Head over to check out the AWESOME answers and great tips readers posted and add yours. Feel free to share the post to friends thinking about weight loss surgery and new post-op pals.

We are edging closer and closer to the 10,000 followers mark on Facebook. You know there will be a celebration GIVEAWAY for sure!

2. Have you seen these? Foster Farms Fully Cooked Chicken Strips (refrigerated meat section) I tossed them in my shopping cart the other day. Toss on a salad or eat as is dipped in my High Protein Feta Dip or Avocado Dip. On days you don't feel like cooking or you need a quick protein source on the go these get my vote.

Each package contains 2 servings. 110 calories per 3 oz. serving, 22 grams of protein, 1 g. carbs, 1 g. sugar. Comes in Plain, Southwest and Honey Roasted.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Are we fighting obesity or obese people?
Older, Heavy Kids Take in Less Calories
School gardens teach lesson in fighting childhood obesity

I wanted to remind everyone that the Obesity Action Coalition and Obesity Prevention, Policy and Management's FREE 14 part webinar series (running throughout 2012 and 2013) on the complexity of obesity is available online. Last night was webinar 5. It was a great one on Community Planning and it's role in obesity. Super informative, my favorite so far. Within 3 days of the webinar they put the whole thing online so you can listen at your leisure. Don't miss them and for the uneducated people in your life that say things like to solve obesity you "just need to get off the couch" or "shut your mouth" make sure they tune in.

4. Next week I'm off to Fitbloggin'12 in Baltimore. The FitBloggin’ Conference is a conference for anyone who blogs about fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle regardless of where they are in their journey. Bloggers from across the country come together to discuss a variety of health and fitness related topics and how to utilize social media to help foster health and wellness. I will be liveblogging a session in exchange for a free ticket in and am thankful to Big Train (makers of nom nom nom Fit FrappĂ©) for helping offset some of my travel costs. I'm really looking forward to the event (all except the long flight) and seeing Charm City for the first time. I'll be tweeting and so will my pal Beth (aka Melting Mama) so follow our adventures...

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5. Next month I'll be in Dallas. I hope you will JOIN ME at the Obesity Action Coalition Your Weight Matters Inaugural Conference. It's going to be a GREAT event. The speakers and sessions are excellent. If you are interested in obesity, health, wellness, advocacy issues this is one not to be missed. It's so close to Halloween we'll be dressing up. That Sunday after the conference ends it's the Dallas Walk from Obesity and I'll be walking well since it's Texas I'll guess I'll be moseying. I'm getting close to my personal fundraising goal. Come walk with me or if you can't... can you donate a buck or two. I'll mosey for both of us.

xo Thank you, thank you, thank you to my blog reading ✩ rock star pals ✩ who have donated so far: Jill H. Franna T. Barbara H. Erica G. Lester G. Julie B. Mary C. Susan S. Kelly Q. Laura J. Dana K. Peggy E. Rebecca C. Donna T. Coleen K. Linda P. Mandi V. Rae T. Andrea H. Catheryn E. Lynnda S. xo

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