Skinny Peppermint Mocha Review

I tried Starbuck's New Skinny Peppermint Mocha last night. If you are a mint hot cocoa fan you'll love it. If you want to taste espresso this is probably not the drink for you. The coffee taste is non-existent. It's not subtle mint and chocolate. It's ALL ABOUT the mint and chocolate. I could see getting it once or twice this holiday season but maybe adding an espresso shot and/or doing a few less pumps of the mocha.

I have to say this new Sugar Free Mocha Sauce is soooo much better than last one. No aftertaste. 2 years ago they made a version that tasted hideous, it was axed thankfully. This one is yummy. I'm thinking next visit I'm going to order a Sugar Free Hazelnut Latte with a pump of the Sugar Free Mocha Sauce. My very own Nutella Latte. Ooooh or a Sugar Free Caramel Latte with a pump of the Sugar Free Mocha Sauce. Nom.

I am glad Starbuck's is recognizing the need for holiday options for the skinny chicks, diabetics, and the weight loss surgery peeps of the world like you and me.

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