Cool Product Alert

I spotted these at the store the other day and thought finally a little "Lunchable-type thingee" for foodie adults (and Italians.)

The double sided 4 oz. snack packs are made by Boar's Head who makes the best cold cuts hands down. They come in two varieties (that I am aware of) Salami & Provolone and my personal favorite Sopressata & Provolone.

Each pack contains approximately 24 pieces of meat and 16 pieces of cheese. Soooo tons. Totally enough for a few people or several snacks.

Calories 90 (per serving)
Serving size: 6 pieces of meat/4 cheese
Fat 7 g.
Carbs 1 g.
Protein 7 g.

It's a great weight loss surgery friendly snack. High protein and low carb.

Locally I bought mine at Baron's Marketplace but I'm sure anywhere that carries Boar's Head products will soon carry them. Ask the deli manager.

I thought these would be awesome to take on a picnic... just add my Italian Bean Salad, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, a blanket, a view and a cool person to share it with.

Highlights of the Day:

* Yesterday after the Farmer's Market. I went to coffee and shopping with my pals Becky and Carol. Carol saved me before the LA OH Event with a killer neck massage. I hold all my tension in my neck and Carol fixed me up.

* At the Farmer's Market I got those great Mixed Greens again. The seller is the coolest dude. Rock Star turned Farmer. So a killer Fall salad is in the works... Mmmm maybe something with pears (got those too) and dried cranberries.

* Got a new phone yesterday with a full sized keyboard. I text a lot and the scrolling through letters thing was a pain in the you know what. I was having buyer's remorse at first because I thought I was slower but after about 30 or so texts last night (TY Jeremy, Cas & Lisa) I am lightning fast. Love it.

Ohhh and bonus the phone has Global Positioning (GPS) on it... so I will never be lost in the woods again. Yeah when I was 13 years old I was lost for 14 hours, alone in the Catskill Mountains (you know where Dirty Dancing was set.) October. No coat, no water, and no food. Scary. Long story. Typically me. But now I'm saved thanks to modern technology.

Listening to: "You Found Me" The Fray. Love the lyrics... "The only one who's ever known who I am, who I'm not, who I wanna be."