LA Wrap-up

So I'm almost done putting everything back into its place post-LA. I'm wounded so it didn't make it easy. Monday morning I broke my toe at the hotel. You know that hideously heavy door that led outside to the super conveniently located Starbuck's... yeah toe meet door. I sucked it up when it happened but holy shit I saw stars. Well then I walked on it practically all Tuesday (hung with Jeremy... go see Pride & Glory BTW) and by Wednesday morning I was hating life.

OK LA Stories...

I had a great time meeting everyone. That truly is the best part of the events for me making our "cyber" friendships have "real world" connections. Putting voices to faces. You guys are freaking amazing. The transformations and stories... all I can say is WOW! You all inspire me.

Ohhhh and get this I can end my years of therapy. My pals Jandell and Little Michele hooked me up with an EASY BAKE OVEN!!! It made my weekend!

So on the agenda is an Easy Bake Oven version of my chocolate cake for the kiddos especially since I read this article this weekend. Scary.

The weekend was a blast...

Halloween on Hollywood Blvd, Tattoos, Piercings, The OH Halloween Party, a Bar Fight and that was just the first night. I told you I was gonna party like a rock star. So when we made bail (only joking) we had some work to do...

Saturday was our Round Table Grads Gab. A group of us post-ops sharing our stories. It was super well received. We're talking needed to get more chairs, standing room only good. Thanks so much for making it a success. We hope OH will take note and have more of those in the future. It was a great opportunity for us to realize that everyone's journey/battle is soooo different but we also have a deep connection that no one else can understand but a fellow post-op.

Saturday night was the Casino Night/Dance. Lots of fun. "The Daddy Mac will make you Jump! Jump!" Yeah thighs were sooooo hurting the next day.

Sunday was our presentation on the main stage. The Eggface & Melting Mama Road Show AKA "2 crazy chicks and chocolate cake." We had so much fun sharing recipes and products and hope you did too. Click, BellPlantation and a few other companies hooked us up with loads of swag and lots of people went away happy. Thank you for coming and supporting us.

The rest of the weekend was spent connecting with friends, drinking a few too many tequilas and getting naked ;) Ohhh how I wish. Yeah nothing that good. I just flashed my plastic surgery scars for those who wanted to see Dr. Quiroz's superior workmanship. A lot of woman have seen my boobies and at least two of the Kyoto Grand Hotel male staff. Next time we find a room with a lock LOL.

Thankfully all the walking I did I ended up a pound down on the scale despite my indulgence in some adult beverages and lots of Smoked Gouda cheese (don't ask.)

Can't wait for the next event! Want to see the Eggface & Melting Mama Road Show next year... you can always put in a good word for us