Sugar Free Dirt Cup

My friend came over this morning with her 4 year old daughter and so we made the always kid friendly (but also weight loss surgery friendly) Dirt Cups together.

How to:

Get a cup. A clear one is best so you can see your "worms" working. Empty a Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Cup into it.

You can top with crushed Sugar Free Oreos but we added a layer of green coconut (toasted unsweetened coconut dyed with a drop or two of green food coloring in a plastic snack bag) grass.

A Dirt Cup isn't complete without a few Sugar Free Gummy Worms or Bugs and Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Raisin "Rocks."

I promised her next time we'd make an Ocean Cup with Vanilla Pudding dyed blue and SF Gummy Fish.

and yes I ate one too. Soooo good.

Highlights of the day:

* Went into a store to get a component to my costume... without giving it away I asked if they carried a particular piece of clothing. They said, "Yes but..."

OK GET THIS... You ready???

They said, "Yes but we don't have anything small enough for you."

EXCUSE ME?! Did I hear that right???

Small enough?!?!

Yeah so despite not finding the thing I needed I walked out of that store glowing.

* Well so then I went home and ordered the costume component online. So I'm done. Well... like 95% done. I have a few wish list things but if I don't find 'em it'll be fine. Yay! One thing on my massive list down.

* Spending time with friends with kids is always nice. I get my Mom/Teacher fix and then they go home.

Listening to: David Archuleta "Crush" I heart this song. He's such a little cutie.